Three Fourths Posts

Today I back read all my posts since I started blogging here in WordPress.  I realized that three-fourths of my posts were all about Handsome Nurse! LOL It all started from the day he stole my heart, heartaches that I encountered in our relationship  to our 11-monthsary as boyfriend-girlfriend.  Am I that hooked up with Handsome Nurse or I just live up to my title of being a Miss-Drama-Queen-Most-of-the-times? I found it funny at some point because I was not aware that most of my blog contents were Handsome Nurse. *tee hee

With numerous Handsome Nurse keywords, bet when surfers searched for a handsome nurse keyword they will land on my blog.  However, it doesn’t as the most searched keyword when people found my blog are hopeless romantic, Angel Locsin and Keanu Reeves being a vampire.   I guess, I should blog more about the mentioned keywords to have more traffics and hits! LOL Anyway, good thing I was not categorized as a spam since I had a lot of Handsome Nurse words stuff most in my entries.

From now on, I will kinda lessen Handsome Nurse related posts and try to write more about something juicy, interesting and life realization musings! LOL Hmmm, now I got an idea, with all of my three-fourths ramblings written about Handsome Nurse, I can start writing a drama-romance-comedy-adventure novel or start to publish a guide on how to survive in a long distance relationship! The do’s and don’ts perhaps?hahaha

What ya think? ;))


GER to the MANY Tour

No words could describe how happy am I because my trip to the land of Adolf Hitler will soon be realized.  I am praying that everything will work out for the best from the approval of Schengen Visa to my 3-month stay in Germany.  It may be too early to blab this one out but I am just so excited.   After a decade I am going to see my cousin who left the Philippines when I was just in my teens.  Before we only communicate through snail mail and after how many years we lost contact.  But now thanks to Skype, Yahoo Messenger and Facebook we can chat and talk about each other’s lives like there is no tomorrow.  My cousin invited me to visit her since her father cannot make it due to old age and her sisters are having a family on its own and cannot leave their kids.

So being the next closest kin, she invited me to visit her since she cannot go home yet as she is having her third baby.  Upon hearing this absolutely good news, I am so ecstatic.  It has been my dream way back childhood years to travel outside Pearl of the Orient Seas.  And now with this one-of-a-kind opportunity, I am not reluctant to grab it even it will cost me to be jobless. hahaha Yeah that’s how bad I wanted it to happen.

In my preparation for this much awaited trip, I am saving more moolah by sacrificing on not going to night-outs, dining on my favorite restaurants and canceling of other escapades.  And hopefully,  I won’t get terminated early as I process my papers since I will be frequently availing more leave credits! Nonetheless, as long as my Germany vacation will come true, I will not give a damn to be terminated from the  job.  LOL But not just now! hahaha

Oh, my scheduled flight to GER to the MANY will be on the first week of August wherein I’ll fly aboard with the Malaysian Airlines crew.  Andddddd hopefully Handsome Nurse will be back in the Philippines before I kick my gorgeous butt out of the country!

Getting fed up

I am almost fed up with my situation being the bread winner of  the family.   It is so hard to be the eldest and you shoulder all the responsibilities that parents should do.  I know that it is a part of our culture to help our family right after you finish schooling, it may not be a compulsory but it becomes one since we have this debt-of-gratitude-attitude that children must help or else you will be mock by society.  I do not want to complain or whine about it because no one else would help my mother and siblings except me since they are still schooling.  However, I reached to a point sometimes that I have enough and I should mind my own life too!

It is not easy being the sole provider of your family’s needs because usually you need to save and budget your money for  expenses, bills to other needs instead of spending it for your own wants and leisures.  You end up thinking that I need not to spend and separate this hard earned moolah for future use of my family.  It has always been my family that  I think the most wherein I forgot that I have my own life too.   I do not want to sound selfish but as what I had said I am kinda fed up that it is always me providing all.  I am longing for the time that one day I will be able to spread my own wings and have the freedom that I wanted.  I want  to mind my own self and nothing else.  I want to break free and be selfish once in a while.  Selfish and rude as it may sound but I deserve it right? hehe

Guess, this is stress that turns me into a wicked yet beautiful monster.  LOL Oh God, I am asking for your guidance to enlighten my mind and have the strength to be much stronger to face all these challenges and trials coming my way.  Forgive me Lord for thinking this way 😦 Positivity please come to me!

On our 11th Month

On our 11th month of being in a long distance relationship, everyday my love for Handsome Nurse grow deeper.  Superlatives are not enough to describe how much he means to me.  I could not think of any other man that I want to tie with for the rest of my life.   Last night, I did not expect that he will surprise me with a priceless gift.  He sang for me and made a video for it! The song was “You’re My Kind of Girl by Justin Timberlake”. Awww, so sweet!! ❤

I was touched and overwhelmed with incomparable joy when he told me to check my profile page in FB  because he has something for me! I do not know what to say because he left me speechless and swept me right off my feet.  He is such a wonderful treasure that I found.  I will not trade my priceless possession to any things in this world because Handsome Nurse is one of the most beautiful gifts that God gave to me.  I am so thankful about it.

To my Handsome Nurse, your very presence, love, care, attention and understanding is all that I need because you are my kind of man.  May we will stay with each other until we grow old and have white hairs. 😉 Thank you so much for everything! I love you sweety and happy 11th month to us!

Goodbye 2010, Hello 2011

A  lot of things happened on the Year of the Tiger.  Some were better to be forgotten and others were good to cherish nonetheless it brought us lessons that we must learned and remembered.  I personally can say that 2010 had brought so much twist in my life from my career, love life to personal things.  Numerous of it gave me hard times, pain and sorrow.  However, I am still thankful to the Lord Almighty that I survived all of those because it made me a better person to face new challenges in life with a strong heart.

As 2010 bid goodbye we say hello to a new and hopeful 2011.  May the Year of the Rabbit be a brighter and better year to all people.  I hope it brings so much blessings and fulfillment in our life.  I am more than hopeful  as 2011  is here in the corner.   This new year may we won’t lose hope to struggle in everyday life, be thankful for all the blessings, keep moving forward and cherish each moment in our life since we cannot predict when will it end.   Let’s start the year right and with a very loud BANG! And remember keep the positive vibes coming!