Goodbye 2010, Hello 2011

A  lot of things happened on the Year of the Tiger.  Some were better to be forgotten and others were good to cherish nonetheless it brought us lessons that we must learned and remembered.  I personally can say that 2010 had brought so much twist in my life from my career, love life to personal things.  Numerous of it gave me hard times, pain and sorrow.  However, I am still thankful to the Lord Almighty that I survived all of those because it made me a better person to face new challenges in life with a strong heart.

As 2010 bid goodbye we say hello to a new and hopeful 2011.  May the Year of the Rabbit be a brighter and better year to all people.  I hope it brings so much blessings and fulfillment in our life.  I am more than hopeful  as 2011  is here in the corner.   This new year may we won’t lose hope to struggle in everyday life, be thankful for all the blessings, keep moving forward and cherish each moment in our life since we cannot predict when will it end.   Let’s start the year right and with a very loud BANG! And remember keep the positive vibes coming!



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