On our 11th Month

On our 11th month of being in a long distance relationship, everyday my love for Handsome Nurse grow deeper.  Superlatives are not enough to describe how much he means to me.  I could not think of any other man that I want to tie with for the rest of my life.   Last night, I did not expect that he will surprise me with a priceless gift.  He sang for me and made a video for it! The song was “You’re My Kind of Girl by Justin Timberlake”. Awww, so sweet!! ❤

I was touched and overwhelmed with incomparable joy when he told me to check my profile page in FB  because he has something for me! I do not know what to say because he left me speechless and swept me right off my feet.  He is such a wonderful treasure that I found.  I will not trade my priceless possession to any things in this world because Handsome Nurse is one of the most beautiful gifts that God gave to me.  I am so thankful about it.

To my Handsome Nurse, your very presence, love, care, attention and understanding is all that I need because you are my kind of man.  May we will stay with each other until we grow old and have white hairs. 😉 Thank you so much for everything! I love you sweety and happy 11th month to us!


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