GER to the MANY Tour

No words could describe how happy am I because my trip to the land of Adolf Hitler will soon be realized.  I am praying that everything will work out for the best from the approval of Schengen Visa to my 3-month stay in Germany.  It may be too early to blab this one out but I am just so excited.   After a decade I am going to see my cousin who left the Philippines when I was just in my teens.  Before we only communicate through snail mail and after how many years we lost contact.  But now thanks to Skype, Yahoo Messenger and Facebook we can chat and talk about each other’s lives like there is no tomorrow.  My cousin invited me to visit her since her father cannot make it due to old age and her sisters are having a family on its own and cannot leave their kids.

So being the next closest kin, she invited me to visit her since she cannot go home yet as she is having her third baby.  Upon hearing this absolutely good news, I am so ecstatic.  It has been my dream way back childhood years to travel outside Pearl of the Orient Seas.  And now with this one-of-a-kind opportunity, I am not reluctant to grab it even it will cost me to be jobless. hahaha Yeah that’s how bad I wanted it to happen.

In my preparation for this much awaited trip, I am saving more moolah by sacrificing on not going to night-outs, dining on my favorite restaurants and canceling of other escapades.  And hopefully,  I won’t get terminated early as I process my papers since I will be frequently availing more leave credits! Nonetheless, as long as my Germany vacation will come true, I will not give a damn to be terminated from the  job.  LOL But not just now! hahaha

Oh, my scheduled flight to GER to the MANY will be on the first week of August wherein I’ll fly aboard with the Malaysian Airlines crew.  Andddddd hopefully Handsome Nurse will be back in the Philippines before I kick my gorgeous butt out of the country!


3 thoughts on “GER to the MANY Tour

  1. ahh..germany. home of the good ol’ beer! sounds like you’ll be having a lot of fun. this surely is one heck of a trip that shouldn’t be missed – even if, as you said, it’ll cost you your job. haha! hope it wouldn’t come to that point though. cheers to a joyous drunken journey! \m/

    • Thanks for dropping by Lio 😉

      I already anticipated that I will have no work before and after the Germany trip. Sometimes you got to sacrifice one thing in order to achieve something. hehe


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