Three Fourths Posts

Today I back read all my posts since I started blogging here in WordPress.  I realized that three-fourths of my posts were all about Handsome Nurse! LOL It all started from the day he stole my heart, heartaches that I encountered in our relationship  to our 11-monthsary as boyfriend-girlfriend.  Am I that hooked up with Handsome Nurse or I just live up to my title of being a Miss-Drama-Queen-Most-of-the-times? I found it funny at some point because I was not aware that most of my blog contents were Handsome Nurse. *tee hee

With numerous Handsome Nurse keywords, bet when surfers searched for a handsome nurse keyword they will land on my blog.  However, it doesn’t as the most searched keyword when people found my blog are hopeless romantic, Angel Locsin and Keanu Reeves being a vampire.   I guess, I should blog more about the mentioned keywords to have more traffics and hits! LOL Anyway, good thing I was not categorized as a spam since I had a lot of Handsome Nurse words stuff most in my entries.

From now on, I will kinda lessen Handsome Nurse related posts and try to write more about something juicy, interesting and life realization musings! LOL Hmmm, now I got an idea, with all of my three-fourths ramblings written about Handsome Nurse, I can start writing a drama-romance-comedy-adventure novel or start to publish a guide on how to survive in a long distance relationship! The do’s and don’ts perhaps?hahaha

What ya think? ;))


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