Questions: Unanswered

How does it feel when you asked your special someone to let you meet his or her friends but he or she did not answer? Instead he or she just give you a plain smile and deviate the topic.  If you are in that situation, how would you react? Do you still need to bring out the issue until you are satisfied with the answer? or Are you going to wait until your sweetheart is ready to introduce you to the world?

What could that smile mean? Is it a way of saying no comment? Is it a way of telling you that you shut up your mouth and move on to other topic? Do you make a fuss about it? Will you ignore the shit out of it and move forward to another? or You won’t mind about it and just pretend that you did not open that conversation?

Whatever it is, the bottom line is– IT HURTS on not to be introduced to any of your darling’s dear friends or any people that has connections in his or her life.  After all what is the use of being a couple if part of  their life is unknown to you right? Having a partner is a way of sharing your life to your important SO.  You may not share all of it but you got to share something about it.   It is a way of making connections that would make a great impact in each other’s life.  Hmmm, I do not know if I am making sense in here. LOL


One thought on “Questions: Unanswered

  1. well, perhaps that means that they are not there yet. That they are still getting there. You just need to be patient with them and they will introduce you to their friends when they feel comfortable and open in doing so :-).

    But it does not mean that they dont care, you know 🙂

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