Single Awareness Day: What to do?

Ten days from now as of this writing, Valentines Day on February 14 will be celebrated.  To deviate from the norms of giving tips for couples or singles who have dates with their special someone, let me share to you some what-to-do-during-Valentines-Day when you are alone, single, solo, in solitaire, does not have a date, no one to cuddle, no one to kiss, no  sweetheart or apple of the eye to spice up the day during Valentines Day.  These are not sure fire tips to keep you away from getting envy that you do not have a partner on February 14 or be reminded that heck after all those years you are still SINGLE (Yes, single for crying out loud.  LOL) but surely you will forget that Valentines is just an ordinary day!  Anyway, here are some  what to do on Valentines Day. (Yeah I keep repeating Valentines Day for spamming keyword purposes. LOL)

1.  Arrange a date with your friends and plan for a housewarming! So why house warming? Because  I am certain that every restaurant, bar or any business establishments will have a Valentine theme offering and you would not want to witness the sweetness of every couple right? House party is the best option since the crowd are single.

2. Psyche your mind that February 14 is nothing special. hahaha I think this sounds bitter.

3. After work or school, wash up, have your dinner and hit the hay.  Just like an ordinary routine that you do every day.  Oh, make sure you are dead tired so that you won’t be able to think that it is Single Awareness Day.

4. Finish reading the novel or books that you have started reading but find no time to end it.  Now this is the time to finish reading all the chapters in just one sitting.

5. Spend the day just like you mostly do and do not make a fuss that you are single or you do not even have a date. 😀

I cannot think of any other ideas because I forgot how I spent it when I was single decades ago.  haha Right now my mind is flowing with tens of thousands tips on how to spend Valentines day the couple edition.  LOL


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