Team Azkals: Who are they?

I was inspired to blog about Team Azkals, the official representative of the Philippines to football, after their victory against Mongolia’s Blue Wolves.  The game was intense and heart thumping.  I screamed at the top of my lungs to join the bandwagon of Filipinos cheering loudly for our team to hit that goal in order to win the game.  Team Azkals did not disappoint me as the first goal was made by Caligdong and before the game ends Phil Younghusband added another point  via a strategic kick that nobody anticipates that it would hit the goal.  I am no football expert hence I will not talk about the technicalities of the game but I would talk about the overly hot and drop dead gorgeous players of Team Azkals.  LOL

This is in no favorite order since I love all the boys! They made me feel like a proud momma who’s son achieved a great triumph in their field but I don’t want to be their momma I wanna be their girl.  LOL Just kidding

Jason de Jong or goes by the full name of Jason Nicolas Maria Dantes de Jong, plays as a midfielder or the wingman.  He is my personal favorite because of his striking looks and oh those red lips that I wanted to kiss! LOL Yeah, I fantasize him.  He was born on February 28, 1990 in Breda, Netherlands.   This international Filipino football player stands 5′ 7 1/2 inches, not that tall but heck football is not for tall players but for someone who has the agility, brain and endurance to last in the game. He wears jersey number 17.

Mr. de Jong is such an eye candy [drooling emoticon here].  According to Wikipedia, Jason [my future husband..LOL] has also represented the Philippines in futsal.  He featured for the Philippines during the 2009 AFF Futsal Championship and scored three goals; a brace in the 10–2 victory over Timor Leste, and once in the third place play-off defeat to Indonesia.  If you want to be included in the legions of crazy girls admiring Jason, you can like his facebook page here.

Next on the list is Philip James Placer Younghusband or popularly known as Phil Younghusband.  This guy is oozing with sex appeal as many fan girls are clamoring for his attention, oh and even socialites and celebrities.  I cannot disagree with them as he is smoking hot! Phil was once an artist in the local entertainment industry but did not make it big to the limelight.  I thank God that he did not make it big as being an actor is not his forte, I am happy that he stayed on where he belongs, a football player because he has so much potential.  Number 10 is the jersey he wears.

Mr. Younghusband was born in Ashford, Middlesex, England on 4th of August 1983 to an English father and Filipino mother.  He is a part time model and appeared in different pages of some glossy magazines.  Phil likes to sing in fact he joined this singing contest in GMA 7, the defunct Celebrity Duets.

This English-Filipino forward player spent two years unattached in Chelsea, an English football club in London.  After being released he pursued to play with the Philippines National team wherein he participated in the 2005 Southeast Asean Games and ASEAN Football Championship.

Another handsome Team Azkal football player is Phil’s brother, James Joseph Placer Younghusband.  This guy exudes so much charisma that I wanna be his all time girl.  LOL Seriously, James plays as the right winger in Team Azkals wherein he made his first goal during a friendly competition against Singapore, which I think he was part of the Chelsea at that time.  I am not sure though as I just made a hunch upon reading the entry in Wiki.  LOL

Towering at 6′ 1″, James is 24 years old as he was born on September 4, 1986 in which he had his first youth career with Chelsea.  Being attractive plus a good football player run in Younghusband’s blood.  Geez, don’t you think it is unfair? LOL By the way, James is sporting the # 7 jersey.

Oh this guy that goes by the name of Neil Leonard Dula Etheridge is such a stunning man that his parents has ever created! LOL Every time I stare at this goalkeeper I am mesmerized that I forgot what my name is! hahaha Anyway, Mr. Etheridge was born on February 7, 1990 in Einfield, London, England.  In the year 2003 he attended Chelsea academy together with James and Phil Younghusband.  Before, he started to play as the forward of the football team but switched to a goalkeeper after being asked by his coach.   He made full international debut during 2008 AFC Challenge Cup wherein he kept three clean sheets.  It took some time for Neil to play for Team Azkals as he dreamed to play on England’s top team but  he realized that he will give it a try because after all he has the blood of being a Filipino and as well as Phil convinced him to join the team as he will enjoy the experience.   I can say that Mr. Etheridge made a smart move because aside from being added to the roster of great football talents in Team Azkals, he added joy to the fan girls and fan gays of being an eye candy! LOL If you want to spot Neil during football competitions look for  the guy who wears a different color of shirt t and is on uniform #1.

The team’s captain, Alexander Charles Luis Borromeo who is known to his friends and family as Aly.  This full bloodied Filipino previously played as the goalkeeper, central midfielder or center forward for his club, the Kaya.  He was born on San Francisco, California on June 28, 1983.  Holy smoke, he can be a perfect candidate to be my husband.  LOL Marry me Aly! hahaha This 6′ 2″ guy started his career on the Philippines during 2000 AFC  Youth Championship qualifiers.   I cannot believe that he is purely Filipino because of his features and the towering height! Can somebody confirmed if I get the right information of Alexander being a full bloodied Filipino? hehehe He dons jersey # 11 in every football competition.

Wearing jersey #13, what can I say about the guy? Oh man, he is one of a kind! Nicknamed as Chieffy, this left winger from Philippine Army F.C is among the pride of Team Azkal as he scored the first goal during the Mongolia vs. Philippines match held in Panaad Stadium located in Bacolod.  With his 5’5″ height, he can play as a striker and forward.  Emelio Asada Caligdong was born on Pototan, Iloilo on the 2nd day of September 1982.  He made his first goal during the 2004 Tiger Cup in which two of these goals came from 89th and 90th minutes of the game against Timor-Leste.  The Philippines won this game.

Another good looking guy in the team! He is Robert James Dazo Gier or Rob Gier.  This gorgeous lad play the defender position for Hellenic Football League Premier Division.  Rob was born on January 6, 1980 to an English father and Filipino mother in Ascot, England.  He started his football career with Team Azkals on March 2009 as he was called upon to be a part of the team for the 2010 AFC Challenge Cup qualifiers.  Gosh, with his 5’10” height and drop dead gorgeous looks, Rob is another handsome football player that I would love to see playing in the field everyday.  hahaha

Who would have thought that Anton del Rosario is a part of Team Azkals wherein he plays in the defender position? He could be mistaken as an actor or a model.  Dang, this gorgeously hot guy is an American born Filipino footballer that was born on December 23, 1981.  Standing at 5’11” tall, Anton Edward Quimson del Rosario has been in the national team since year 2000.  He had his first goal during 2007 ASEAN Football Championship qualifiers.  By the way, this guy reminds of me Adam Levine because they have some similarities in their physical appearance.

Geez, Team Azkals has full of fine-looking players and Simon Clive Barbon Greatwich is one of them! Oh well, I cannot complain.  This center midfielder started his career in the football field with Brighton Hove and Albion.  Simon is the brother of Christopher Greatwich.  He made his international debut for team Philippines in 2008.

Cebu’s pride, my very own kababayan, Paolo Pascual.  Born on January 22, 1991, Paolo was among the shorted listed players for Team Azkal.  He gave up his studies and left home in order to pursue his dream and passion- to play football in international arena.  Paolo enjoys listening to the music of Lifehouse and Chase Coy.  He studied at University of San Carlos and went to PAREF Springdale School.  This goalkeeper who stands at 5’11” was been asked to stay and train for the incoming 2014 Word Cup qualifier and the U23 Southeast Asian Games in Indonesia this coming November.   Mr. Pascual describes himself as simple, hardworking and patient with huge turn ons to girls who have a nice smile.  I have a nice smile Pao! LOL

That’s it for now since I realized that there are numerous players of Team Azkals and posting them all on one entry is not enough.  I will make a write up to some delicious and eye catching Azkal players on the next episode. LOL I hope I will not be hit by lazy syndrome.  haha


25 thoughts on “Team Azkals: Who are they?

      • Thanks for the info though I read some articles also that Aly is of Filipino-American-Spanish decent and others were he was born to a Dutch father or a German father so I do not know what to believe. LOL

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  3. Hello Hopeless Romantic!

    Just to share u some Azkals moments here n Kuwait…yesterday, was indeed a big day for us OFWS here n Kuwait…the Filipino community were n full support to our team…but sad to say we lost to Kuwait team but we were happy dat in one day we were all united here- that’s made everyone happy- THANK U AZKALS! Panalo pa rin kau para sa amin!


    • Hi FINA!
      Thanks for sharing your experience. I watched the game via ABS-CBN Live Coverage last night and it was a good fight for our team. They might failed on the first leg but I am hopeful that they can do great and win on the second leg. Anyway, what matters most is they played their hearts out and every failure they experienced I am positive that they will take it as a lesson to surpass their goals and hopefully make it to FIFA World Cup on 2014. hehe

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