Twitter War: Angelica P. vs. Baby Boni

As I read the  news about Angelica Panganiban and a certain Boni Tambossi Morales exchanging rash and degrading words through social networking site- twitter, I was shaking my head in disbelief.  Why? It is because some people nowadays are irresponsible with the use of this social networking sites as their way of expressing themselves or opinions.  Okay, there is nothing wrong with letting other  people know your ideas but one must know beforehand the consequences he or she might face if someone disagrees.  One must think more than a hundred times the things that you are going to say or post in these social networking sites because it might be misinterpreted in one way or another and chances are it will end in a fight.  Just like what had happened to young actress Angelica Panganiban and Boni Tambossi Morales who is also known as Baby Morales.

The fight started with Angelica Panganiban air out that Phil Younghusband, one of the players of Azkals, Philippines’ National Football Team, should focus on his field and should not enter showbiz industry or Phil should join the reality show of ABS-CBN, the Pinoy Big Brother if he wants drama and fame.  Then, the ever fantard (excuse me for my word) Baby Morales reacted with so much anger in her/his heart ( I do not know his/her gender because rumors have it that he is gay and others said she is a girl. *so confused* LOL), tweeted to Angelica nasty and awful words which irked the actress.  So the battle of words began!  One downgrading words followed by rude comments were exchanged between the two and it made Angelica to sue Boni Tambossi Morales because the Kapamilya actress cannot contain all the negative and unpleasant responses from the hater especially her boyfriend, Derek Ramsay was included.

When the actress announced that she is going to press charges against Boni Morales, the hater deleted all his/her accounts in any social networking sites.  Jeez, that’s what I am talking about, one should be responsible enough when it comes to this.  See, if you are afraid of what you have been doing or saying in social networking sites, then do not dare to involved yourself if you cannot handle it properly.  We must be mature enough on what we act or what we say because it might bounce back to us.  Online social media brings huge impact to anybody’s life hence we must utilize it in a correct manner not to show that you are bitch or an uneducated rude citizen.

Oh by the way, what made me blogged about this issue is because for crying out loud the hater is from Pardo, Cebu and studied at Velez College! He/she is from my very hometown! Tsk One more thing, for sure this person is having so much popularity now and might be a trending topic! LOL


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