Eye Candies: Vitamins for Eyes

I have been itching to blog about this topic but I forgot about it or was I just too lazy? LOL Anyway, I am going to talk the other men of my life.  Yes, I got tenfolds of men (hahahaha) but just purely admiration or crushes as they are so damn good looking that makes me salivate faster.  I kid! Aside from Handsome Nurse, these men are my other variation of vitamins for my eyes.  I don’t know if I should post pictures of these men because they might discover my blog and sue me for taking their photos with no permission and I will be a dead meat by that or Handsome Nurse might read my blog and will make an issue out of it.  Hahaha Whatever it is I am paranoid perhaps.  Anyway, here are the guys that add flavor to my tasty life! 😀 This is in no particular order.

EYE CANDY # 1. This is Random-Handsome-Yummylicious-Guy-In-The-Beach! Jeez, when I saw his photo as I search for men wearing trunks, his strong appeal draws my attention.  I could not get enough of this guy that I made him as my wallie in my office’s computer! Yeah, that is how this guy affects me much.  I do not know his name, I tried to search but to no use.   His features and physique fall to the category of the man that I want to get laid someday and if lucky enough be the father of my kids. hahaha If anyone of you knows his name, please as in I am begging let me know.  Surprise gift is waiting for you, seriously! 😉

EYE CANDY # 2. Okay, I just grabbed this one from his facebook account.  LOL What makes him an eye candy for me? Well, his boy-next-door image.  At first sight of him, good heavens, I am speechless because boy, he is so handsome! LOL It is not everyday that I see good looking male species as I go to work and off to home.  I immediately added him on facebook and began browsing his photos for a couple of times.  hahaha Oh by the way, he is a nurse too! Jeez, I think I have a thing for nurses. LOL

EYE CANDY # 3. He looks like an international/professional model right? Yeah, that’s what I perceived about him when I accidentally saw him in one of my friends photo album in facebook.  As soon as I knew his name, I sent a request to him for me to be added as a friend in facebook.  Oh, Facebook thank you for introducing these guys to my daily source of eye vitamins.  hahaha My friend told me that he is so kind which is an added factor to his handsome appeal.  FYI readers, his brother is fine looking too! hehe As far as I know upon reading his profile and comments from his friends based on his status, he is a freelance photographer and writer in one of Cebu’s leading newspaper and does modeling stints.  And oh, they are real friends with eye candy number 2 (see photo above). LOL

EYE CANDY # 4. I discovered him through a Youtube video wherein they do challenges and the winner will be awarded with 100 bucks.  Their show is called “The One Hundred Dollar Bet”.  I had a hard time finding him in facebook since his real name was not posted in the credits line showing after the end of the video.  When I added him as a friend, he messaged me and asked if I know him personally.  I was surprised that he will send me a message, then I responded that I am just an instant “fan” of him but the truth is curiosity hit me because he kinda look like Handsome Nurse maybe because of his small eyes.  LOL Anyway, I think he is a nice guy however he is happily taken! Too bad for his fan girls and gays.  hahaha

EYE CANDY # 5. I reaallllllyyyyyyyyy wanted to post a photo for eye candy # 5 but one thing that stopped me from doing is because he is a blogger! Yes, I know chances are fat that he will drop by in my cyber house because I leave links when I commented to his blog or any of his friends’ blog. hahaha Nonetheless, # 5 has good quality of genes running in his blood.  He has that appeal that can attract legions of fan girls, gays and boys.  He is quite tall based on the photo I’ve seen and oh holy macaroni, his lips and eyes matching with thick brows are bra and panty dropper! LOL And one thing that makes him appealing is his tan skin color which is so manly in my own taste. hehehe By the way, before I forgot he is a nurse too! Therefore I conclude, that I have a thing for nurses! 😀

I hope and pray to all saints and patrons that these guys or friends of these men will not see or drop by in this blog because these senseless ramblings might spread in the net and  I might not handle the stress and pressure of facing the questions they might throw on me. hahaha But on the other hand, there is nothing wrong with what I blogged right? I am just one of those girls who appreciate God’s beautiful creation. ^^

Disclaimer: Handsome Nurse (if ever you will happen to read this), what I am telling above are just a product of my teenage feeling, you know a girl who sees her crush.  You are still the ever Handsome Nurse in my eyes. *.*


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