What can dopey people do?

The skies are clear and Mr. Sun shines brightly when I received a message from my sister that the travel agency needed my presence in their office due to some conflicts with the name of my mother that appears in the baptismal certificate.  I immediately informed my head that I have an urgent matter to attend and will just return after the lunch break.

So I rush to home and photo copied all the additional documents to support my other files that were submitted. I access the every convenient and fastest means of transportation in order to get in travel agency’s office before it hits 12:00 in the afternoon.  I am so weary because of the scorching heat of the sun plus the driver is so slow that I wanted to hit him.  I easily get pissed off when I ride any modes of transportation and then I am in a hurry but the driver is so effin` slow just like a worm crawling in the ground.  pfffttt

After several minutes of suffering, I reached in the office and introduced my name and informed the staff that I was the applicant whose documents are lacking.  The girl who entertained me scanned my documents and told me to bring the original and photo copied files on the day of my passport appearance.  Holy cow! WTF! I was there for nothing? Shit it was totally absurd and crap! I curse the agent to death that I took an under time at work and traveled for how many kilometers for nothing?

What is more worst that I told the girl who entertained me that why did she text me in the first place when all those necessary docs will be shown on the day of appearance? To add insult to the injury, the agent texted me that my appearance will be tomorrow, which is a very big SUNDAY! Jeez, where did she put her brain nowadays? Did she pump up her smart cells? There is no working day on SUNDAY! *sigh*

The travel agency staff just felt sorry for me.  Grrr, I wanted to whine but that is not my cup of tea instead I count 1-10 to manage my anger to that stupid agent.  This is just a terrible day! I freaking hate it.  Hopefully, on my day of appearance there will be no more hassles and troubles.

To answer my question of “What can dopey people do?”- TOTAL INCONVENIENCE!


Untimely Death of AJ Perez

I was so shocked when I read the news.  I was just browsing a forum and it caught my attention.  Never a fan of this celebrity but I find him cute.  He is so young to die in an unexpected manner.  Oh! it is really true that we can never predict when we will die.  Hence, at all times we must be prepared about it because who would have thought that AJ Perez will die at the peak of his career and at a young age.

LINK: http://www.darlasauler.com/2011/04/first-here-kapamilya-actor-aj-perez.html

Escapade to Bantayan Island

Tranquil water

Laid back atmosphere

Sugary white sands

are the best description as I stepped my feet in the picturesque island of Bantayan.

Day 01:

We spent the whole day of beach hopping around Bantayan Island.  Exploring different beaches of this beautiful gem is one of a kind experience.  Most of the beaches in the island have white powdery sands, crystal-clear turquoise sea water and carefree environment, which makes you want to lull all day.  Frolicking under the scorching heat of the sun, kayaking and snorkeling are among the activities we did as we hopped from one beach to another.  What caught my attention is the Sugar Beach Resort, as its sands are creamy that can be compared to those of Boracay, though not so fine as it is but it would not be left behind.

Day 02:

This was one of the most unforgettable moments in my life as we opt for island hopping that turns out to be an almost disaster.  Before I tell you the story, let me share to you the stunning view of the Virgin Island.

Its cool lucid waters makes Virgin Island an ideal place to visit plus the very sleepy ambiance of the place is great to laze around and feast your eyes with the panoramic view of serene sea waters.  After spending some time in the island, it is time to bid goodbye.  We did not have the time to visit another island during our failed island hopping as the waves were getting bigger and bigger.  This was the scary scenario begun.  On our way home to the resort on where we stayed, monstrous waves were starting to hit the boat that we were riding and it felt like sooner or later it will turn upside down.  We got scared as there were no enough life jackets available.  Good thing I secured one for myself (LOL) even though I know how to swim but the sight of the waves makes me a chicken.  We just had a relief when we started to see beach resorts and somewhat greenish waters on our way back to our accommodation.  I praised the Lord above that nothing bad happens to us.  It might be an upsetting experience but a memorable one that is worth to remember.

All smiles after conquering the fear of possible drowning in the deep blue sea of Bantayan Island.  LOL

More photos

Day 03:

We went home with so much enjoyable experiences, full of laughters and never to trade moments of our life.

See you again Bantayan Island!


Kota Beach Resort


Non-aircon – Php500.00 – Php700.00/night

Air-conditioned – Php1000.00 – Php1,300.00/night *depending on the room location e.g. beach front room

Costs of room rates are subject to change especially during peak season as fees will go higher from the normal charges.

How to get there?

By bus– ride a bus in North Bus Terminal located in M. Logarta Avenue, Mandaue City, a kilometer away from SM Department Store.  Ride a Cebu City- Hagnaya Port route via Ceres Bus or Autobus.  Schedule of rides starts as early as 2:00AM.  There will be trips to Hagnaya Port after every 30 minutes according to some locals in there.

Bus Fare: Php80.00 – non-airconditioned

Php135.00 – non-airconditioned (rate during peak season based on experience)

Php150.00 – air-conditioned

Hagnaya Port to Bantayan Island Rates

Php10.00 – Terminal fee

Php120.00 – non air-condition

Php150.00 – non air-condition (peak season rate)

Php170.00 – air-conditioned

By plane– this is the newest means of transportation in going to Bantayan Island.

Check out Mid Sea Express, the official carrier to Bantayan Island for more details.

DISCLAIMER: Photos are my property.

See you soon Kota Beach Resort

I will be here after 4 days as of this writing! I cannot wait to frolic under the sun, swim in its crystal clear turquoise sea water and laze around in its creamy white sands in a serene environment.  Here are the teaser pictures courtesy of Uncle Google.




See you soon Kota Beach Resort!

Pre-falling-out-of-love syndrome?

I woke up one morning and I just knew, I was never sure of with you..

Those were the phrases that etched in my mind as I think about my relationship with Handsome Nurse.  It seems that I reached to a point where all disappointments and taken-for-granted feeling burst out.  I could not handle the emotions anymore.  I am starting to get fed up.  It seems like I want to give up because I think I was not valued like the way I should be or is this just my mood swings and increased emotional level of sensitivity?