Untimely Death of AJ Perez

I was so shocked when I read the news.  I was just browsing a forum and it caught my attention.  Never a fan of this celebrity but I find him cute.  He is so young to die in an unexpected manner.  Oh! it is really true that we can never predict when we will die.  Hence, at all times we must be prepared about it because who would have thought that AJ Perez will die at the peak of his career and at a young age.

LINK: http://www.darlasauler.com/2011/04/first-here-kapamilya-actor-aj-perez.html


23 thoughts on “Untimely Death of AJ Perez

  1. i agree.. life really is unpredictable. 😦 his second to the last tweet was even about going home from his show… it’s utterly saddening.

  2. I’m not a fan but it’s always disheartening to hear news like this 😦 a promising young person and suddenly…

    • yap like Rico Yan when he was died,its really shocking news time pa naman ng holy week and now AJ naman holly week nanaman,nagkataon nga lang ba?!but I know may dahilan ang lahat ng ito!Condolence to all na nagmamahal at humahanga sa kanya!

  3. It’s so shocking. I thought it was a scandal or something. I can’t believe he’s dead. Only 18 😦
    Bless his soul.

  4. Haist…

    Nakakalungkot naman…

    Huli ko syang Nakita sa Mula sa Puso…

    Anyway sana matahimik na kaluluwa mu,,,,


  5. ..i cant believe it..i swear…his my ultimate idol from his group gigger boys,his the one i always want to see…wen i hear the news my tears fell down from my cheeks..:(

    • Nakakalongkot naman
      a cant believe it….Aj is my ultimate idol..i love u aj…sayang talaga bata pa cya….

  6. I’m not really a fan of him,but this really is unfortunate..on his young age his gonna be more famous,but he died..we don’t know what’s gonna happen to us..I’ll pray for the soul of Aj and to all people all over the world..this is really shocking!! 😦 T_T

  7. it was so shocking! but who knows what would happen tomorrow? i just preferred myself thinking that we’re just living here temporarily, this earth is not our home but the heaven together with our Holy Father. God knows what is the best of the best for us. Condolence to the AJ’s family.

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  9. Hay sayang talaga ang guwapong bata na to, ung lips nia at facial features eh napakabihira. Pinapasikat pa naman sana siya ng ABS. After Sabel dami niang naka line up na projects, xa pa napili for mara clara movie wow. Si God lang talaga ang me alam kung kailan tau mawawala so we should make most out of the time na pinahiram niya sa atin. RIP AJ. Sayang ka but di nman talag kmi dapt manghinayang kasi you’re in God’s hands now, no more pain and suffering.

  10. it is sad and shocking news indeed..
    but somehow..death is nothing o be scared of, it is something to be prepared of…

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