Meeting with the Azkals


Sunny Sunday

7:30 A.M

Woke up so early, I barely had a good sleep since I am so excited to meet the Azkals on that day.  I never had my breakfast and hastily took a bath and rode a cab to reach the meeting place together with a friend on an earlier time.  Unfortunately, the guard told us that the practice game at that time was cancelled and it will happen on late afternoon.  Jeez, I am so annoyed because they never announce that their practice game was moved on a late spot.

My friend and I planned that we will not go home since we live afar and since we were there already, we make things productive as we wait for the time.  We attended the Sunday mass and it was so good that we did that because the sermon of the priest was really enlightening.  It was about stages of love.  Oh well, I won’t be discussing it in here because the point of this entry is about the “struggles” I undergo as I met the Azkals.  LOL

Anyway, as soon as the hands of time for the Azkals to arrive, we directly head on to the sports field. We asked  the security guard if all the Azkals will arrive on time and if are they complete. Enthusiastically he answered YES! However, disappointment drew in my face because they arrive almost one hour late and not complete! 😦

Then, the Azkals’ bus arrived,  just a sight of the bus – fan girls and gays started screaming at the top of their lungs! Yeah, I screamed too! LOL  Members of the team started coming out first I saw Simon Greatwich, oh boy he is so cute. hahaha Then, there goes Phil Younghusband, the screaming gets louder and louder! LOL Next was James Younghusband, who is much more good looking than his brother and Neil Etheridge, who is way way better handsome than in television.  These three gentlemen got the most howls from fan girls and gays.  LOL Well, they are more famous compared to others so what would I expect? 😀 I was really expecting that my favorite Anton del Rosario and Aly Borromeo were there BUT NONE of them showed up! So disappointed!

As they began practicing and when any of the Azkals members will go nearby the fans’ side, jeez you will really be deaf because of the loud yells, cheers and screams! And it got worse when Neil Etheridge, used his shirt to wipe his tears wherein exposing his abs! *drooling* After their practice game, it was Neil Etheridge who began accommodating all the fans for an autograph signing and picture taking.  Goodness! I never thought he could be that handsome. Neil is such a kind man, even though he just received the bad news that his grandfather passed away, still he has a smile on his face for you!

When it was our turn for a photo op, I cannot believe that I would be near with Neil Etheridge. hahaha And those smiles that  matches well with his thick eyebrows, will surely melt any girl’s heart away. I am suddenly in love with Neil! ahahaha No, I still love my Handsome Nurse.  xD Then, next to say hi to us were James Younghusband and Paolo Pascual.  The rest of the guys especially Phil Younghusband, who had many fan girls at that time, did not come close to us and head directly to the bus.  Many were disappointed on how he acted.  Oh well, I cannot judge him since I do not know what he was feeling on that day.  However, his brother James, were all smiles for us and yes I also have a photo with him same goes with Paolo, who is so coy and charming when he smiles.

After all the sweat that I produced, sleepiness and tiring legs as I waited for them (hahaha) it was worthy! It was such a nice experience that I will never trade.  I rub elbows with other crazy fan girls.  Exchange funny chitchats on how we admire those boys who bring pride to our country at some point.  And lastly, I was back on being a teenager during those times.  Being very young at heart and reminisce the days when I was still in elementary and high school years, in which my heart jump for joy when I glimpse my fave actors or actresses.

To end my post, I will be leaving a photo with my new future husband, Mr. Neil Etheridge.

*Isn’t he charming and fine looking?* (blushing)



In a boyfriend-girlfriend kind of relationship, both parties must know how to adjust with each other’s character, behavior or attitude.  Adjustment should be a two-way street.  But what about if you are in a situation, where you are feeling that you are on a one-way street of adjustment? Unfair isn’t it?

It is hard to work the relationship when you are the only one who understands most of the time.  You are the only one who is very patient.  You are the only one who adjusts.  In plain simple, you are reaching to the point of getting tired of the situation and felt that the other party is not afraid of losing someone like you.  Will this be the time to let go the ones you treasure and love the most? Will this be the time to give up on love and lose hope that it will be a one-way street throughout? Or give the person a chance to correct the mistake and realize your worth?

To my Mama: Happy Mother’s Day!






whatever you call them, they have the common denominator- nurturing you since the day you were born up to this very current day.  Their job is the toughest one in the world.  Nobody could do and equate the sacrifices they made.  Being a mother requires a lot of patience, understanding, courage, wisdom and a loving heart.  Someone who would do anything for the betterment of their child.  I despise mothers who abandon children as if they are not their own.  However, I salute and highly commend to those mothers either single, married or widowed for taking good care of their kid/s by guiding them in a right track to be a better individual.  I also give my hands up to those fathers who acts as a mother whether it is by choice or chance.  You bring light to darkness, strength in every problem and inspiration to dream high.

In this special moment of the year, all mothers in this world are deserved to be given with the highest reward of excellence and achievement that they are truly worth of.  To my Mama, who has been there for me through ups and downs, I am so grateful.  I appreciate all your efforts and cherish the love and care you have shown.  I may not be good at words in telling you how much I value you in my life but deep in me, I absolutely care.  I won’t be melodramatic with my post because for real I will be shedding tears as I blog.  LOL

Seriously, we know that every mother we have is unique and one of a kind.  Nothing compares how the best they are.  So, to all the mothers out there, with special mention to my Mama Riza, sister Princess, cousin Ate Haidee and to my adopted daughter who is already a mother Ritchel, wherever you are located on this planet Earth, let me greet you a