Oh, Adam my Adam!

I began to love their music when I hear the smashing hits like This Love, Harder to Breath, She Will Be Loved, Sunday Morning and the latest Moves Like Jagger, yes I am talking about one of the greatest bands of all time- Maroon 5.  However, I will not be talking about the band because I am so engrossed with their front man the drop-dead-gorgeous and sizzling sexy ADAM LEVINE!  I have to make it bold and capital letters because that is how much I am amazed with this man.  Every inch of him and his hotness make my neurons and cell tissues excited.  My heart and other body organs go wild whenever I get a sight of this man in the popular American singing competition “The Voice”.  Okay, enough with my crazy ramblings about this man, I am posting super delicious and mouth-watering photos of him.

Holy smokes! Is there anything hotter than this? *faints*

Those glaring look could make any girl’s heart swoon with joy! 

Those sensuous and seductive lips make me wanna wish that he’ll plant a kiss on me! LOL

Adam Levine is not all about dashing looks but I think he is a witty, talented and down to earth man! Though I do not know him personally but those were some of my impressions about this handsome fellow.  Oh boy! I am fervently wishing that I can see him in flesh and bear a child with him! LOL


Department of Foreign Affairs Sucks!

June 08 was supposedly the date of my passport to be released by the useless DFA also known as Department of  Incompetent Foreign Affairs.  Unfortunately, it will be still delayed not just for few days or weeks but 60 friggin’ days! Darn, all my plans for a splendid summer European trip will be canceled due to DFA’s slow and dowdy releasing of passport.  They asked the public to be understanding and patient with the releasing of their passport.  Heck, they need understanding? I could give it if and only if the time lag will just only take days or weeks but another months of waiting is one hell of a torture!

I am expecting that by August I could fly to Germany and have some trips in different European countries BUT I am totally frustrated and disappointed with how our government agencies particularly Department of Foreign Affairs in handling these delays.  Now, I would not wonder why Philippines belongs to the Third World Country and has been surpassed by other neighboring nations to be on the top globally and economically.  We have such fumbling and inefficient staff in the system.  How could not they take actions and solve the matter in a span of time without causing inconvenience to travelers like me? How could not they provide alternative options to avoid hassles to travelers who have plans of going for a vacation to another country? They might prioritize those people who have immediate needs of getting the passport with a valid cause but at least they should have done something to people who wants to enjoy the pleasure of visiting another country.

It made me realized that our country is not yet ready in handling modernization of technologies. Say, just like what happened during the first automated election.  Yes, it was an updated kind of voting but it caused hundreds or thousands of hassles and there were some people who did not vote due to the annoyance with the processing.  Now, the DFA decided to update the procedures in making and releasing passports. Sadly, this did not generate favorable effect to the public.  Government officials must be more than 100% ready before implementing these kind of actions so that it would not cause troubles and hassles.  If there is a problem or any improvements, then government agencies and staff involved must have numerous solutions and options listed.   I hope our government officials should learn from the First World Countries or progressive nations the “way of  handling changes whether in technologies or in our economy” because the masses or people who have no connections from the government will shoulder the burden. I really pray to all the angels and saints that they will learn because I religiously pay my taxes  from where they get their salaries!

Nuff said, DFA sucks bigtimeeeeeeeeee!!!

Dropping by at Bohol’s Tourist Spots

One of the best things in life is having a getaway for FREE! Yes, this is what I love the most. Going to places without spending any centavos.  Last June 16, we head to the land of Chocolate Hills and Tarsiers as a part of our company outing courtesy of our ever dearest boss.  It was a great experience for me because I have never been to Bohol and the thought of stepping in different tourist destinations of the province excites my neurons and tissues.  LOL

Here is a little information about Bohol according to Uncle Wiki: “Bohol is an island province of the Philippines located in the Central Visayas region, consisting of Bohol Island and 75 minor surrounding islands.[1] Its capital is Tagbilaran City. With a land area of 4,117.26 square kilometres (1,589.68 sq mi) and a coastline 261 kilometres (162 mi) long, Bohol is the tenth largest island of the Philippines. To the west of Bohol is Cebu, to the northeast is the island of Leyte and to the south, across the Bohol Sea is Mindanao.”

Read the rest of the history here.

Anyway, I will just post some photos to narrate on how’s my trip to Bohol went.

01. The breathtaking sunrise on our way to the province. 

02. Meeting with the Tarsiers, the smallest primate in the whole wide world. *tee hee* 

03. The scenic panorama around Chocolate Hills area.  I was not able to take a photo of the Chocolate hills itself since I do not own a sophisticated DSLR camera. 

04.  Sleepy man-made forest.  Tall trees abound in this area. 

05. The creepy yet traditionally made hanging bridge.  This is where kalamay (a sticky sweet delicacy), peanut kisses and other native products are sold in very affordable prices. 

06. Sumptuous lunch buffet as we cruised the river of Loboc.  

*During our cruise on Loboc River, we saw a jaw-dropping view of the lush foliage and mini falls.

07. Next stop was the centuries-old Baclayon Church.

08. Last stop: Dropping by at the Blood Compact Site.

We missed to visit Sagbayan Peak, Hinagdanan Cave, Phony the big python snake, butterfly sanctuary and the bee farm since we only had a day to tour the place.  Anyway, there is still a next time to any events.  Hence, I hope to visit Bohol soon!



Ocean Jet Ticket (Tagbilaran Port- Cebu Pier 1 and vice-versa)

Php800.00 (normal day)

Php560.00 (promo ticket we reserved)

Terminal Fee (Tagbilaran-Cebu and v.v) – Php20.00/head

Loboc River Buffet Cruise

 Php100.00/head entrance fee

 Php300.00 lunch buffet

Chocolate Hills sightseeing (*entrance fee) – Php50.00/head

Hanging Bridge (*entrance fee) – Php10.00/head

Meeting with the Tarsier – no entrance fee but you have to give some donations in any amount

Baclayon Church, Man-made forest and Blood Compact Site- no entrance fee

Tips to remember:

– If you want to buy some of Bohol’s delicacies make sure to drop by at the hanging bridge since they sell the cheapest compared to some towns in Bohol.

– Bring your own bottled water as the cost of the water in any of Bohol’s municipalities is expensive.  The range is around 30-50 pesos unless you will buy in a mall.

– If you need to pee, do it in a restaurant on where you dine, fast food areas or any malls except BQ Mall as you cannot pee if you do not shop in their place! LOL You need to show the receipt of your purchase to use their comfort room.

Let’s Count Calories!

While I was browsing comments in one of the groups that I joined through facebook, there is an interesting and humorous article I encountered about calories burned during coitus.  I might thought that I will share this one to those people who are lazy to go to the gym! hahaha



The Act of Insertion

If the man is ready (same vice-versa) 1/4 calories
If the woman is not (same vice-versa) 274 calories

Satisfying Partner (organ size)

Most experts agree that size means nothing. Shape is what counts, and the man with a shaped organ can write his own ticket. In those rare instances where a man has a genuinely small member, he may have to compensate by working slightly harder, but this is good for weight loss. A man with a really large organ, while he might not have to work as hard once inside, may exhaust himself just trying to convince his partner to let him put it inside.

Normal size 22 calories
Oversize 15 calories
Tremendous 8 calories
Teensy-weensy 163 calories


Man on top, woman on bottom (facing each other) 20 calories
Woman on top, man on bottom
(Many women find that in addition to its inherent sexual possibilities, this position affords a better view of the clock.)
25 calories
From the rear (Mysterious variation) 40 1/2 calories
Standing: Both partners of equal height 18 calories
Standing: Woman 1 foot taller than a man 90 calories
While in traction
(very useful during ski season)
124 calories


On a bar stool 20 calories
Rear of a Honda Civic 38 calories
In a phone booth, standing 14 calories
In a phone booth, lying down 274 calories
On an airliner, aisle seat 24 calories
On an airliner, middle seat 42 calories
On an airliner, window seat 30 calories
On an airliner, in the lavatory 100 calories

Possible Side Effects of Intercourse

Bouncing 7 calories
Sliding around 9 calories
Serious Skidding 12 calories
Full cartwheel 20 calories
Whiplash 27 calories
Knee burn 6 calories
Chafed elbows 5 calories
Chafed nose 11 calories

Sex Related Noises

Short gasps (per gasp) 3 calories
Wheezing 5 calories
Squeals 4 calories
Ecstatic moaning 11 calories
Low growling 8 calories
Squishing 10 calories
Shouting 16 calories
Screaming 18 calories
Urgent begging 22 calories
Any short speech giving partner directions
(“Please don’t stop,” “Faster,” “Just a little more” are common examples.)
25 calories

Approaching Orgasm

Letting go 5.5 calories
Controlling yourself 79 calories
Digging nails into your partner’s back 11 calories
Trembling 15 calories
Shaking 20 calories
Shuddering 25 calories
Trying to keep eyes open 33 calories


Real 27 calories
Faked 160 calories

Orgasmic Intensity Scale

Expression didn’t change 1/2 calorie
Face turned purple 15 calories
Orchestra swelled 6 calories
Magical explosions 10 calories
Blazing Sheets 25 calories
Earth moved 30 calories
Vesuvius erupted 47 calories
You began moaning in Latin 60 calories

Pulling Out

After orgasm 1/4 calorie
A few moments before orgasm 500 calories

Multiple Orgasms

For women:
2 14 calories
5 30 calories
8 47 calories
(Depending on greed her rate of recovery a woman can enjoy around 8 orgasms within an hour period without losing consciousness or disarranging her hair. As the number increases, however, she may begin to experience a form of “reduced sanity” that will temporarily interfere with her ability to cook, worship ,and ride a Moped.)
For Men:
2 21 calories
3 39 calories
4 57 calories
(For a man, its a different situation, perhaps due to physiological and biological reasons. Many men can enjoy up to 4 orgasms in an hour with little discomfort except for the slight ringing in the ears. With few exceptions, however, a man who tries to achieve more than 10 orgasms within that same period is flirting with irreversible brain damage.)

For additional information, read full details here.

Hey Miss!

Last Sunday afternoon was an eccentric day for me.  While I was waiting for my friend to arrive in our meeting place,  a white Ford Expedition stopped in front me with a chinky, faired-complexion man in his late 30’s rolled down the window and told me to hop in.  I was so stunned with his actions because he thought I am a pick up girl or someone who longs to be on the arms of a man.  Heck! I wanted to be furious but I controlled myself because he might do something that is very disadvantageous on my part.

So what I did, I walked away from the man and pretended that I did not see him.  To my disappointment, he followed me and insisted that I should hop in the car so that he can drop me off to my destination.  Jeez, I was so nervous at that time.  At the back of my mind, there were already weird and negative thoughts popping out.  I immediately went inside on a bookstore and called my friend to please hurry up as there was a weird guy tailing me.  As I was inside, the man in the Ford Expedition, look at me and smiled and speed his driving away from me.  My heart’s flutter slows down and I was not shaking anymore.

Thank God that nothing bad happens to me.   I just wonder that why he wanted to pick me up so bad where in fact, I was just a plain Jane wearing a conservative outfit at that time.  Is my charisma and appeal so strong that he cannot resist? LOL

Lessons Learned:

1. Do not  be an early bird on the scheduled agreement and be late forever so that when I will arrive, my friends are already there! ahahaha

2. Leave the extra charms and sex appeal in your house when going out in public places to avoid drawing interests and attention from opposite sex who have hidden agenda.

3. Always ignore strangers whom you think his/her aura is sending you bad omen.

4. Carry your cellphone all the time and make sure there is more than enough balance so that when something not good happens, you can ask for help immediately.

and last but not the least

5. Keep away from people who have bad motives against you.  Go/run as fast as you can to places with lots of people.  Do not wait for the moment that you will fall on being an easy prey.  There were cases that the suspect will pretend to be your boyfriend or girlfriend and suddenly trapped you in a scenario that other people will think that it is normal since as they can see you have a connection e.g. being a bf/gf.