Hey Miss!

Last Sunday afternoon was an eccentric day for me.  While I was waiting for my friend to arrive in our meeting place,  a white Ford Expedition stopped in front me with a chinky, faired-complexion man in his late 30’s rolled down the window and told me to hop in.  I was so stunned with his actions because he thought I am a pick up girl or someone who longs to be on the arms of a man.  Heck! I wanted to be furious but I controlled myself because he might do something that is very disadvantageous on my part.

So what I did, I walked away from the man and pretended that I did not see him.  To my disappointment, he followed me and insisted that I should hop in the car so that he can drop me off to my destination.  Jeez, I was so nervous at that time.  At the back of my mind, there were already weird and negative thoughts popping out.  I immediately went inside on a bookstore and called my friend to please hurry up as there was a weird guy tailing me.  As I was inside, the man in the Ford Expedition, look at me and smiled and speed his driving away from me.  My heart’s flutter slows down and I was not shaking anymore.

Thank God that nothing bad happens to me.   I just wonder that why he wanted to pick me up so bad where in fact, I was just a plain Jane wearing a conservative outfit at that time.  Is my charisma and appeal so strong that he cannot resist? LOL

Lessons Learned:

1. Do not  be an early bird on the scheduled agreement and be late forever so that when I will arrive, my friends are already there! ahahaha

2. Leave the extra charms and sex appeal in your house when going out in public places to avoid drawing interests and attention from opposite sex who have hidden agenda.

3. Always ignore strangers whom you think his/her aura is sending you bad omen.

4. Carry your cellphone all the time and make sure there is more than enough balance so that when something not good happens, you can ask for help immediately.

and last but not the least

5. Keep away from people who have bad motives against you.  Go/run as fast as you can to places with lots of people.  Do not wait for the moment that you will fall on being an easy prey.  There were cases that the suspect will pretend to be your boyfriend or girlfriend and suddenly trapped you in a scenario that other people will think that it is normal since as they can see you have a connection e.g. being a bf/gf.


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