Department of Foreign Affairs Sucks!

June 08 was supposedly the date of my passport to be released by the useless DFA also known as Department of  Incompetent Foreign Affairs.  Unfortunately, it will be still delayed not just for few days or weeks but 60 friggin’ days! Darn, all my plans for a splendid summer European trip will be canceled due to DFA’s slow and dowdy releasing of passport.  They asked the public to be understanding and patient with the releasing of their passport.  Heck, they need understanding? I could give it if and only if the time lag will just only take days or weeks but another months of waiting is one hell of a torture!

I am expecting that by August I could fly to Germany and have some trips in different European countries BUT I am totally frustrated and disappointed with how our government agencies particularly Department of Foreign Affairs in handling these delays.  Now, I would not wonder why Philippines belongs to the Third World Country and has been surpassed by other neighboring nations to be on the top globally and economically.  We have such fumbling and inefficient staff in the system.  How could not they take actions and solve the matter in a span of time without causing inconvenience to travelers like me? How could not they provide alternative options to avoid hassles to travelers who have plans of going for a vacation to another country? They might prioritize those people who have immediate needs of getting the passport with a valid cause but at least they should have done something to people who wants to enjoy the pleasure of visiting another country.

It made me realized that our country is not yet ready in handling modernization of technologies. Say, just like what happened during the first automated election.  Yes, it was an updated kind of voting but it caused hundreds or thousands of hassles and there were some people who did not vote due to the annoyance with the processing.  Now, the DFA decided to update the procedures in making and releasing passports. Sadly, this did not generate favorable effect to the public.  Government officials must be more than 100% ready before implementing these kind of actions so that it would not cause troubles and hassles.  If there is a problem or any improvements, then government agencies and staff involved must have numerous solutions and options listed.   I hope our government officials should learn from the First World Countries or progressive nations the “way of  handling changes whether in technologies or in our economy” because the masses or people who have no connections from the government will shoulder the burden. I really pray to all the angels and saints that they will learn because I religiously pay my taxes  from where they get their salaries!

Nuff said, DFA sucks bigtimeeeeeeeeee!!!


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