Oh, Adam my Adam!

I began to love their music when I hear the smashing hits like This Love, Harder to Breath, She Will Be Loved, Sunday Morning and the latest Moves Like Jagger, yes I am talking about one of the greatest bands of all time- Maroon 5.  However, I will not be talking about the band because I am so engrossed with their front man the drop-dead-gorgeous and sizzling sexy ADAM LEVINE!  I have to make it bold and capital letters because that is how much I am amazed with this man.  Every inch of him and his hotness make my neurons and cell tissues excited.  My heart and other body organs go wild whenever I get a sight of this man in the popular American singing competition “The Voice”.  Okay, enough with my crazy ramblings about this man, I am posting super delicious and mouth-watering photos of him.

Holy smokes! Is there anything hotter than this? *faints*

Those glaring look could make any girl’s heart swoon with joy! 

Those sensuous and seductive lips make me wanna wish that he’ll plant a kiss on me! LOL

Adam Levine is not all about dashing looks but I think he is a witty, talented and down to earth man! Though I do not know him personally but those were some of my impressions about this handsome fellow.  Oh boy! I am fervently wishing that I can see him in flesh and bear a child with him! LOL


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