Love is You

26th of July

Breezy and cool weather

4:30 A.M.

Handsome Nurse: *insert endearment here*, for you what is love?

Me: Love is ….. blah…blah…

Handsome Nurse: Your answers are well thought always that makes you giving a Miss Universe type of answers..LOL

Me: *laughing out loud* of course not, I was just inspired with that thought through the short clip I watched about love.

Handsome Nurse: *insert endearment here*, for me love is you. Because without you l am not capable of loving anymore.

Me: *insert mix emotions here- e.g. spine tickling feeling, overwhelmed, blushed, so much in love*


Change is Inevitable

The constant thing in this world is change.

Nothing in this world is permanent.  It always involve change.

Change is inevitable.

I came to realize that even the closest person that you trusted the most changes.  She has always been the ever kind, generous and laid back kind of woman that I know way back our childhood years.  All of a sudden, with just a snap, she is not the person that I know.  She is not the same person that I used to laugh, talk, cry and comfort with.  Changes started when she met someone that is so dear to her also.

To make the story short, this morning the friend of someone who is close to me and she blabbed something that pertains to me.  It hurts big time.  I lost my respect to both of them.  I was disappointed that they will treat me this way.  Never thought that they can do such things that is so unjust and annoying.  I am hurt.  Wish I could  gather all my strength and confront them but I am so lenient and decided that I will keep mum.

Oh change!  You bring chaos when you are not handled well.  Guess, I need some time to take a break and forget all the worries and hurt they have caused me. 😦

Germany Vacay: To Fly or Not to Fly?

After 90 years of waiting I had now my passport.  Next week, my cousin is going to the immigration to process the invitation letter that they are going to send me for my much awaited Germany vacation.  However, I am having doubts since I did not notice that the Schengen Visa processing will take 3 long months and if God willing, my visa will be approved I  will visit Germany on winter season! Goodness, as much as possible I do not want to come on winter period. Why?

1.  I WILL FREAKIN’ STAY IN THE HOUSE FOR THE WHOLE VISIT! Yes, I have to capitalize that for much more emphasizes.  My cousin told me that during my visit, it would be the start of winter season and most of the tourist spots that we will going to visit will be closed.  There will be less leisure activities that can be done on my stay for the whole three months.

2. Handsome Nurse is going home to see me and at the same time have a vacay.  Although he told me that we can somewhere meet at Germany prompting him to drop by at England and travel all the way to Berlin then pick me up on my cousin’s place.  BUT from Berlin to Korb it is six-hours drive and my cousin told me that she just cannot let me go to places without her because she will be held responsible.  And if that would be the situation, I and Handsome Nurse cannot spend precious and lovely time with just the TWO of us. LOL

3. The savings I have in the bank is not yet enough with all the things I am going to spend to process for the visa, airline ticket from Cebu- Manila and vice versa, hotel rental when I stay in Manila for an appointment in Germany Embassy and so on and so forth.  I know that my cousin will help me with those expenses but it is just too much since she will be spending almost two hundred grand for the airline ticket plus my pocket money.

Therefore, I decided that I fly next year to Germany and set it on a summer season so that I can at least have a side trip country tour e.g in Sweden, Czech Republic, Prague, Ireland and many more. LOL  But I wanna fly this year too because I am so excited on how’s gonna be in other country.  LOL I am filled with much bewilderment. To fly or not to fly? That is the question that I myself cannot answer and have a concrete decision. Crazy me! hahaha