Change is Inevitable

The constant thing in this world is change.

Nothing in this world is permanent.  It always involve change.

Change is inevitable.

I came to realize that even the closest person that you trusted the most changes.  She has always been the ever kind, generous and laid back kind of woman that I know way back our childhood years.  All of a sudden, with just a snap, she is not the person that I know.  She is not the same person that I used to laugh, talk, cry and comfort with.  Changes started when she met someone that is so dear to her also.

To make the story short, this morning the friend of someone who is close to me and she blabbed something that pertains to me.  It hurts big time.  I lost my respect to both of them.  I was disappointed that they will treat me this way.  Never thought that they can do such things that is so unjust and annoying.  I am hurt.  Wish I could  gather all my strength and confront them but I am so lenient and decided that I will keep mum.

Oh change!  You bring chaos when you are not handled well.  Guess, I need some time to take a break and forget all the worries and hurt they have caused me. 😦


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