Behind Smiles

Behind the smiles

Lies the pain

Behind the happy disposition

Hides the hurt inside

Crying in the dark

Is the only solace that would comfort this wounded heart

When will this sadness ends?

Will it end if you let go the one you love that caused your pain?




Answers are subtle for the bruised emotion


Short-term Memory Retention

I don’t know what happen to me but I am having a short term memory loss to the highest level.  LOL Here’s what happened:

Me: *insert company’s name here*, Good mornin’

Caller: Hi, I am Rodrigo (? I dunno if I heard it right) from (Toronto or San Diego – LOL I am not certain if from where is he).  Is *boss name here* available?

Me: I am sorry Sir but she’s not here.

Caller: Can I call back?

Me: Who’s on the line again?

Caller: Rodrigo (again, I am not sure..LOL)

Me: From where please?

Caller: *mention place in here*

Me: Okay Sir, thank you 🙂

Then the call ended.

I was supposed to write the name of the caller and his address in my notebook but in a matter of jiffy I totally forgot from where he is.  LOL Seriously, I cannot recall the address he gave me.  I guess I need to pump up my brain cells and neurons as I am having a great short-term  memory retention.

Azkal Players: Who are They? Ver.2

Since the list of players in the Philippines Football Team are getting bigger and much hotter, it is time for me to update the other Azkals.  Again, I will not be talking about the technicalities of the game as I am not proficient with that.  I just wanted to write about something interesting or personal bio of our Azkal players. ^_^

Who could resist the charm of Angel Guirado Aldeguer? This Spanish-Filipino midfielder was born on December 9, 1984.  Though he cannot speak fluent English, what I like about Aldeguer is he tried to communicate or reach out to people so that he will be understood. 😀 Anyway, according to Uncle Wiki, Angel started playing football at the tender age of six.  He stands 6’3″ tall.  Goodness, good genes and great player make Angel Guirado a good bachelor that any girl would really swoon once they are courted.  LOL

Oh Misagh, Oh Misagh! I would trade anything just to be with this guy.  LOL Jeez, who on Earth would decline this man if you will be asked on a date? The good mixture of Filipino-Iranian blood running in Misagh’s body is a testimony that whatever races mixed with Filipino race will produce a good looking result.  Agree or Disagree? 😛 Anyhow, Misagh was born on the 10th of January 1987 in Mabalacat, Pampanga. says as I quote “He currently plays as a striker, and left/right winger for Global F.C.  He previously played for Pasagard FC where he became a very prolific goalscorer scoring over 30 goals for the club in a tournament.  Bahadoran also had stints with Kaya FC.  He was among the top goalscorer during 2010 AFF and 2010 AFC Futsal Championship. . Misagh is a key figure in the futsal national team since 2006.  In July 2011, Misagh came-off us a substitute to Angel Guirado in the dying minutes of their first leg encounter against Kuwait in the 2014 FIFA World Cup second round qualifying match.”  By the way, I’ve seen Misagh in flesh and boy, he is really handsome.  Too bad, I was not able to have a photo op with him since they were in a hurry to return to their camp.

Fan girls and gays growl loudly when he took off his shirt during their victory against Sri Lanka.  Stephan Schrock became my favorite when he made the first goal against the strong team of Kuwaitis.  Schröcki as what his other monicker, is playing the right back position of Team Azkals.  This 5’7″ guy was born to a Filipina mother and a German father.  He goes with the full name of Stephan Markus Cabizares Schröck.  If my fangirl’s feelings will be talking about this man, I could describe him as a delectable dish that I would love to eat all over and over again.  LOL By looking at his solid physique, we cannot deny that this man is absolutely yummy.  hahaha I wanna marry you Stephan but too bad you are happily taken.  Anyway, I can be your mistress.  LOL

A Filipino forward player who stands 5’10” tall and is also an enlisted member in the Philippine Air Force.  On March 2, 1982 this lad was born. Ian Bayona Araneta’s international career started when he was included in the roster of Team Azkals to play a friendly match against Singapore during the Tiger Cup.  I am not a fan of this guy but I have a friend who is so fond of him.  Whenever she gets a sight of Ian whether in television or in prints, she will really scream like a die hard fan girl.  LOL

He is Nate Burkey.  I saw this man when they visited Cebu last 4 months.  A quite catch lad that will really melt your heart.  Mr. Burkey saw the first glimpse of light on January 7, 1985 to a Filipina mother and an American father.  This midfielder, forward player is currently playing with Kaya FC and the Philippines national team.  When I saw Nate in person, I asked myself if who was that tall, lean yet meaty and nice looking guy? Nobody that I asked was familiar with him.  Not until a reader commented in my blog that I should also feature Nate.  So, I googled and tarahhh-annnn, a fresh and handsome man popped in my screen. xD He looks like Anton del Rosario from afar if you do not take a second notice.

Goes by the full name of Jason Abbott Abantao Sabio or Jason Sabio as what he is popularly known.  Mr. Sabio is a Filipino international soccer player.  His current club is Rocket Center United where he plays as a defender.  Jason was discovered by Aly Borromeo, Azkals team captain, when they met during the summer of 2009.  What I like Mr. Sabio is his eyes, yes I have a huge weakness of small round type of eyes.  Though, I do not know much about this guy but I am looking forward with our meet ups in the future.  LOL The more I stare at his picture, he remembers me of James Yap, the infamous ex-husband of Kris Aquino- a popular Filipino actress.

I heard his name buzzing around the news during the much anticipated Asian qualifying rounds of Team Azkals to 2014 FIFA World Cup- yep, I am talking about Paul Mulders (?) not sure with his last name’s spelling though. This Dutch- Filipino pro footballer towers 5’11 1/2″ tall and plays as a midfielder for Eredivisie club ADO Den Haag and Philippines Team (thanks Wiki for the info).  Aside from being a great player, his good genes add to the roster of handsome footballers for Team Azkals.  *tee hee* I have another eye candy to watch out! LOL

This is it for now! I will update another post once I get to know new set of mouth-watering footballers of Team Azkals. LOL

The Month of August

August…the month for farewells

August…the month for goodbyes

The month that will leave a heart broken

The month in which tears will fall for someone’s happiness

The month that you have to forget so dear-

In order to move on

To begin a new life

A new chapter to find your own happiness….

This short writing goes out to two people that I personally know who have feelings for one another yet one have to let go in order for someone to have her own happiness in life.  It had been too late for the boy to confess his love for her since she has found a new man that can give her the wants and happiness she is looking for.  If it only could have been earlier to profess the love, things will be different perhaps.  I pity the boy for feeling the pain and hurt.  My sympathy goes for the girl for knowing so late that the guy has feelings for her.  Two souls never have the chance to be as one.  Two hearts were never meet in order to find the real happiness that they wanted for each other.  It is too late. 😦

May in the near future these two people path’s will cross and rekindle the love that they once have.