The Month of August

August…the month for farewells

August…the month for goodbyes

The month that will leave a heart broken

The month in which tears will fall for someone’s happiness

The month that you have to forget so dear-

In order to move on

To begin a new life

A new chapter to find your own happiness….

This short writing goes out to two people that I personally know who have feelings for one another yet one have to let go in order for someone to have her own happiness in life.  It had been too late for the boy to confess his love for her since she has found a new man that can give her the wants and happiness she is looking for.  If it only could have been earlier to profess the love, things will be different perhaps.  I pity the boy for feeling the pain and hurt.  My sympathy goes for the girl for knowing so late that the guy has feelings for her.  Two souls never have the chance to be as one.  Two hearts were never meet in order to find the real happiness that they wanted for each other.  It is too late. 😦

May in the near future these two people path’s will cross and rekindle the love that they once have.


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