Short-term Memory Retention

I don’t know what happen to me but I am having a short term memory loss to the highest level.  LOL Here’s what happened:

Me: *insert company’s name here*, Good mornin’

Caller: Hi, I am Rodrigo (? I dunno if I heard it right) from (Toronto or San Diego – LOL I am not certain if from where is he).  Is *boss name here* available?

Me: I am sorry Sir but she’s not here.

Caller: Can I call back?

Me: Who’s on the line again?

Caller: Rodrigo (again, I am not sure..LOL)

Me: From where please?

Caller: *mention place in here*

Me: Okay Sir, thank you 🙂

Then the call ended.

I was supposed to write the name of the caller and his address in my notebook but in a matter of jiffy I totally forgot from where he is.  LOL Seriously, I cannot recall the address he gave me.  I guess I need to pump up my brain cells and neurons as I am having a great short-term  memory retention.


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