Truth Vs. Lies

What you do not know won’t hurt you.

It etched in my mind over and over again.  It echoes repeatedly.  Truth and Lies.  Lies versus Truth.  Without knowing the truth and living in the world of lies you spare yourself from the deepest cut of pain.  However, you are deprived of knowing the truth of what lies every story that you are into.  Would you risk of knowing the truth in order to know the reasons behind all lies and be hurt? Or would you  live in the world of lies to avoid of getting hurt and experiencing the excruciating pain?

Between the two, of knowing the truth or living in a lie, it torns me of which to choose.  But I came to realize that it is better to know  the truth no matter how painful it may be.  Truth hurts but lies worst.  Because when time comes that you know the lies that you simply believe in, it will bring a greater damage to yourself and heaps of pain.

Nevertheless,  it boils down to one denominator: It brings pain and it hurts a lot– either knowing the truth or simply believing in lies and knowing them later on.


2 thoughts on “Truth Vs. Lies

  1. i agree with this, “truth hurt but lies worst.”

    masakit kung malaman mo yung truth mula sa ibang tao, tas tigas pa rin sa pagtanggi ang taong mahal mo… parang in yur peys ka talaga… huling huli na e pinangangatawanan pa rin ang linyang “huwag kang aamin!”


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