Stranger’s Compliment

Have you experienced being appreciated  or  flattered (in a good way) by a total stranger on the spur of the moment?  How does it make you feel? I encountered one last night while I was paying my bill for the internet connection.  Here goes the scenario:

Place: Inside LBC Office

Time: around 6:00 in the evening

Me: *foot the bill to the cashier and glance to the kinda cute guy in the office…hahaha*

 After few minutes

Kinda-Cute guy: (stood beside me) Hi Miss (he flashed that cutest smile! ^^),  with your permission can I have your number?

Me: Sorry, I do not give out my number to any random strangers. (smirk)

Kinda-Cute guy: Oh, sorry about that.  However, is it okay to take  a photo of you?

Me: (caught in a very big surprise) Eh?

Kinda-Cute guy: I just can’t help but appreciate your beauty.  You are so lovely.

Me: *speechless*

Hahahahahahahaha, I don’t know what he has been eating for the past days on why he behaved like that.  Whether it is for flattery, appreciation or a lie, he really made my day.   It was my first time to encounter that kind of situation because I did not imagine that the cute guy will really do some awkward act like that.   Nevertheless, I salute his guts to take such kind of risks that would likely embarrass him in front of  some people.

So, after I paid the bill, I just smiled at the cute guy and exit my way. I would like him to have a souvenir of my gorgeous face (LMAO, I know this is self-proclamation but hey my mother said I am beautiful…hahaha) but I am caught off guard and I do not know what to do.  Hence, my exit.  ^.^


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