Strangers’ Compliment II

These past few days I have been receiving compliment from random strangers that I met either at the street or in a commercial establishment.  The last time I was appreciated by a stranger was when I pay the bill.   Guess, I will be having strangers’ compliment series eh? LOL Seriously, it feels good to be recognized by someone you do not know.  This is not to brag, but a little compliment can boost your self-esteem and put a smile in your face.   It is not everyday that we are appreciated. At least there is a thing that brightens up your day which may lessen the pressures in life.  So here’s what I encountered lately:


Location: Western Union Office

Staff: Good morning miss! blah blah blah..(then she suddenly asked) Ma’am if you do not mind, how old are you?

Me: 20+ (running to late 20’s..LOL)

Staff: Seriously? (insert surprised expression here)

Me: Yes! Why? Do I look much older with my age?

Staff: (laughing) No, I thought you were just in your early 20’s!

I laughed when she said that and at the same time give her my thank you as she made my day.  :))


Location: Cyberspace

I was referred by a friend for a part time job wherein my employer is currently in Singapore. So, the employer wanted to talk to me through an instant messenger.

Employer: Jeez, pardon me but the first thing I noticed when I added your YM ID is how sexy and lovely you are in that avatar photo. But hey do not get me wrong okay? I was just complimenting.

Me: (insert laughing out loud emoticon here) Thanks boss! (is the only thing that I said)


It happened this morning while I jogged at the park and there was this group of boys who are in their early 20’s perhaps.  While passing in their place…

Boy 1: Good morning Miss! May I know your name?

Me: Sorry, I am already married. (I am just bluffing in here.)

Then after few rounds of jogging….

Boy 1: Miss, you are my idol even though you are married.

I did not respond, I just continue of what I am doing. Then,

Boy 1: Miss, I love you even though it is so embarrassing to tell! (in a very loud voice)

Me:  (I was laughing in my mind in here because of disbelief with the teen’s generation today.) I told you I am taken already.  I have 3 cute children and a loving husband. (bluffing again..LOL)

Boy 2: I do not believe you are married.

Boy 3: Yeah he is right.  Look at your body it is not of someone who experienced pregnancy.

Boy 1: Ma’am can I have your number? Really, you caught my attention.

Me: (laughing out loud) Thank you boys. Have a nice day! (I smiled at them and head my way to home.)

With all those praises that I received, it increases my self-confidence.  I would be hypocrite if I would not admit that it makes me feel good.  Yes! It is so amazing to received those kind of compliments by random people.  I realized that whenever strangers or any people you know give you compliment, appreciation or flattery in a good way, always say your thank you.  At least if you do not want to return the favor that they asked from you, in some ways you let them know that you are grateful with those good words.  Because I noticed  this in some Filipinos’ behavior that whenever somebody complimented them they responded a.) Ows? I do not have any coins in my pocket. b.) Seriously? You gotta be kidding me.  c.) Really?Hmmm, I guess you wanted to request for something.  And the lists goes on and on…

Oh dear! nuff said. xD


3 thoughts on “Strangers’ Compliment II

  1. Miss! I like you. sana lahat ng babae gaya mo na marunong mag appreciate ng compliments. karamihan kasi ngyon mataray at nagmamaganda lang. tapos pavirgin pa. ganyan dapat gaya mo..cebuana looks? 😉

    pero bakit hopeless romantic?

    • hi there!
      oh thank you for the appreciation :)…Yeah, I hope too that every person should say thank you whenever they are appreciated kasi it is a way of letting them know that you are grateful and at least diba may nakaka appreciate sa iyo in some ways.

      Hopeless Romantic kasi ganyan ako I am in love with love and believe that fairy tales do exists (and the list goes on). hehehe

  2. yes.. alam mo naman kung binabastos ka na diba? ang hirap kaya magsabi ng mga ganun sa babae lalo na kung mag isa ka lang. tapos kakalabasan pa masungitan ka or worse, matakot pa at pagkamalan ka rapist. hahaha!

    a fairyt tale believer pala. well…it does exist. in disneyland! hehe! just kiddin.

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