2nd Blogsary It Is!

I just realized last night that it was my blogsary.  hahaha Seriously, it did not occur in my mind that I will be celebrating another year in the blogsphere.  I totally forgot about it because of this memory-gap-syndrome I have been experiencing lately.  Anyway,  I am so thankful to myself that I created this abode as it is my home to vent out my rantings, frustrations, depressions, pain and sadness in life as well as share the things that makes me happy, grateful and so on and so forth.  ^^  Now, let me say my piece of  THANK YOUS:

  • Thank you Almighty Father, for granting me the wisdom, brilliant mind and creative thinking every day. *I kid with my description except for the Thank You to God.* *chuckling*
  • It has been a great year with my WordPress Family (Yes, assuming to the highest level is my peg. hahahaha) for letting me a part of their community.   A very big thank you to WP Family!
  • To Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines’ robots who took time to crawl for any keywords in my blog whenever there will be users searching something similar in my www.iamhopelessromantic.wordpress.com website.
  • To thousand followers of  AJ Perez (RIP), Angel Locsin (my twin, in my dreams), Keanu Reeves (my ever handsome husband) and the Azkals (my daily dose of eye-candies), thank you for hitting my link to know about your idol.   You increase the traffic  in my website. LOL
  • To random people and other bloggers who spend some time to drop by, read my gibberish writings and speak out their minds regarding the topic.
  • To Handsome Nurse who covered three-fourth of my blogposts. LOL
THANK YOU all who have been a part of my journey as I write about my every day life story, mindless thoughts, experiences and other random yet interesting stuff.  If you are not mentioned in my thank you bulleted lists, well try again your luck for next year. (JOKE..hahaha) Of course , thanks to you for being a part of my 2nd blogsary’s traffic and hits.  
Thank you to my awesome sponsors:
UK, Thrifted items and preloved clothes for my wardrobe
Johnson and Johnson Milk Bath for my body wash
Milk Salt Scrub for the exfoliation of my skin
Grapeseed and Lavender Body Oil from Watsons to keep my skin supple
Issey Miyake perfume and body cologne from Avon for my alluring scent
Ponds Detoxifying Cream, cleanser, toner and moisturizer that is made in Japan for  keeping my face youthful
Brown eyebrow pencil (I forgot the brand) for making me feel pretty. 
hahahahahahahahahahahahhahaha, that’s all folks!
P.S. II – My mind is deranged right now  so please bear with my nonsense post. ^^

Second blogsary 
Kudos to me and my mind
Cheers for more years

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