Heart Hurts!

Nothing is more painful than a broken heart. ;( It hurts to know that the one you treasure the most is the one that can cause you pain.   The pain is too much to bear.  I am falling apart and barely breathing with a broken heart fit so right with what I am feeling right now.  Seems like I am still chasing pavements and been taken for granted big time.  Is this the right time to say enough and let go of the relationship that you’ve cherished the most for the past years? Or still hold on and hope that someday everything is gonna be alright?


2 thoughts on “Heart Hurts!

  1. there’s always a hope. 🙂

    minsan lang kasi mataas expectations natin kaya nadidisappoint tayo. observe and listen muna. baka naman kabag lang yan.

    cheer up! “if he be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor.” goodluck!

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