The Case of the Two Year Old Chinese Girl

When I watched the video and read the news, it brought shivers down my spine.  I was not able to watch the entire video as it was so disturbing and upsetting.  The whole scenario is so sick! I greatly curse the drivers and the bystanders who did not have the courage to help the poor little girl.  As what I have read over the internet, in China there were so many incidents that victims were not helped by strangers.  It has been said that people are afraid to help because they might get sued.  They learned from the case of Peng Yu wherein the good Samaritan was sued by the elder who fell to the ground.

For more information about the case, please read through this link: Peng Yu case .

Okay back to the two year old girl from Guangdong, she is now suffering from  a brain dead.  What makes me furious  was the driver’s answers to the reporter’s questions.  After I read the reasoning of the driver – he said that he will not be guilty of the crime he committed when the reporter asked him that would he be reminded of the accident he committed whenever he will see his 14 year old kid.  He further said that why he will be guilty if he will see his own kid when that two year old girl is not his child anyway.  So brute!  What if it will happen to his kid also? Will he be happy? Jeez, may his soul be rot in hell and he will live in despair throughout his life and same goes to the other culprits why the girl is suffering from misery right now.

One more thing before I end this rant, Chinese government  should pass a law regarding the immunity of good Samaritans that they will be immunized and be protected against  liability whenever they assist a victim.   Oh dear! with the happenings of the world today, we need good people to inspire us.  Hopefully, this will not happen in our country or in any other nations that people will only look at you and will not be bothered to help because they are one hell of a scaredy cat that they might get sued.  That is totally a B****S***. IMHO

Nuff said, I might get a heart attack. hahahaha


3 thoughts on “The Case of the Two Year Old Chinese Girl

  1. grabe nga yang video na yan. hindi ako makapaniwala na posible palang mangayari yung ganun. yung walang pakialam. putsa eh dito satin may masagasaan lang pusa sa kalsada awang awa na tayo eh ayan maliit na bata pa. papaligiran na ng madami usisero yan at for sure may magdadala sa ospital.

    kakainis talaga. 3 beses ko pinanood yan. iba-ibang video footage. bwiset kakastress..

  2. simply because Chinese people adore money not God, (majority of them, not all) that’s why sympathy is no meaning to them.

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