After More Than 2 Decades

After more than 2 decades —  I still juggle  with the circus dealings called life.

After  20+ years — I continue to experience memorable, distressing and happy encounters  in this planet Earth. (LOL)

After a period of more than 20 years — I keep on riding the roller coaster and mishmash happenings that taught me a lesson or two.

A learning that molded me to be a stronger and better person comparing to who am I on the past decades.

Yet after  those years I still feel that there are missing pieces in my life that I do not know if  I can find it.

After more than 20 years of existence,  it suddenly kicks me in that I need to do something that will realize my life long dreams.

More than 2 decades of living.  Then, another year will come, where will I be on the next 365 days?




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