Public Display of Affection: Kissing

It was early in the evening when I head home.  Inside the PUV were the young couple and I.   At first I do not mind what they were doing because I was busy staring outside the window while listening to my favorite music.  Few blocks away will be my drop off point then I made a favor to the boyfriend of the girlfriend to pass my fare but to no avail they did not listen.   I started wondering why they cannot hear me. Que horror!  They were lip locking as if no one’s inside the PUV! Hahahahaha

Jeez,  I do not know if I’ll be embarrassed with what I’ve seen or them being embarrassed that someone is watching them exchanging saliva. *Gross LOL* It was too late for me to realized that I should have taken some video or photographed them while kissing.  Hahaha  I hope that the couple realized that too much public display of attention is gross unless both of them are physically pleasing to the eyes!  [pun intended] *insert evil and mean laugh here*


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