Food Review: Pino Inasal!

Warning:  This is a rant review!

Our office mates and I suddenly craved for Filipino dishes and since there is this new Filipino restaurant situated minutes away from our working place, we ordered some of their cuisines.   For lunch, we chose the following:

1. Grilled chicken leg and thigh – the meat is so hard, it is like you are chewing a rubber or a bubble gum.  The taste is so bland.  You cannot really feel any distinguishing flavor with their grilled chicken.   Good thing, there is a sauce that will give the meat some taste.   I think the chicken is kinda recycled from yesterday’s preparation since it is not juicy and so hard to chew.

2. Calamares – the price does not justify the serving size and taste of the dish.

3. Adobong Kangkong – the water spinach is somewhat overcooked and no taste at all.  It seems like it has been reheated a couple of times.

4.  Grilled sausage and Bicol Express – the size of the sausage is so small, it seems like a poor imitation of the authentic size of the “real sausage”.  Bicol Express is just so-so. Not so spicy and flavorful.

5.  Chicharong Bulaklak – one word: bland

6.  Leche Flan- it surprised me that the cost of this dessert is so unjust to its serving! If you were to measure it, it is just like a medium-sized spoon size.

7. Maja Blanca – nuff said

I thought Pino Inasal, in Tabunok, Talisay City branch is just the same like the one in uptown Cebu branch.  But I was just so disappointed.  However, it serves as a blessing in disguise since I am planning to bring my family in there to enjoy a gastronomic meal.  It is really better that I had a taste beforehand of their dishes before encountering a more dining nightmare.   One more thing, I thought I will have a full and heavy stomach this afternoon but sad to know it left me a growling stomach and hungry self. >.>



One thought on “Food Review: Pino Inasal!

  1. A customer beside my parents’ table asked for ice and my Dad saw one waiter grab a handful of ice using his BARE HANDS!!! THIS IS VERY VERY UNHYGIENIC!

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