Is it Wrong?

Is it wrong to ask for affection or fondness in your partner when you feel like he/she is not sweet on the past days?  

– The situation is you are used with his or her constant expression of fondness and always telling you those three magical words in every conversation.   This might be an overused expression to some but for you it is always nice to hear those words rolling out of your apple of the eye’s mouth.

Is it wrong to tell your partner that he or she is not being sweet anymore compare to his or her past actions?

– The dilemma is your partner got furious and irritated that he or she was thinking that you are insinuating something that he or she is doing something fishy.   The way he or she comprehended the words you express is definitely wrong! Misunderstood – is the perfect description to describe the misconception.

Is it really wrong?

Is it absolutely wrong?

Is it definitely wrong to let your partner know that you need the sweet gestures and lovable phrases for you to know that LOVE is really there?

Is it asking for too much?

Is it really suffocating?

Is it worthy to get irritated?

Is it?….


8 thoughts on “Is it Wrong?

  1. no, it’s not… but sometimes we got used to the things we do with our partner that when something changes, we miss something… being in a relationship is hard work, and sometimes we need to understand the little changes as time passes by… *nose bleed* sorry if there are errors on my comment.. I seldom type in English…

    • that’s what i’ve been thinking also that there are times one is just used with the gestures which prompts somebody to sulk for the little things that are missing…hahaha I just used English as my medium in here for practice..LOL

      thanks for the thoughts though 😉

  2. haha! alam mo, convinced na talaga ko na hopeless romantic ka. I’m not sure about you’re age pero dapat naiintindihan mo na yung mga ganyang bagay..hehe! siguro may mali lang sa timing or sa way ng pagtatanong mo. nothing to worry about. 🙂

    • hahaha, see I told you na hopeless romantic ako 😛 Never ask my age kasi wala na calendar…LOL JOKEE

      I understand naman eh kaya lang I was hurt the way he reacted to my concerns. Yeah, I did not worry anything na kasi tapos na yun ^^

  3. People change overtime, sometimes when we expect too much from the other that’s when things change. But I think you should air your thoughts with him in a very calm manner.

    I hope you don’t mind if I visit your blog from time to time.

    • I think that is the keyword – Expectation. Without it, for sure I won’t be feeling that way or will be disappointed in some way or another.

      Thanks for the visit by the way. I do not mind if you visit my blog from time to time. It is my pleasure 😀

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