Forever Farewell

With your passing, we loss someone special

With your absence, your presence will be absolutely missed

With you not here without us, we will deeply long your existence

Memories with you will forever remain in our minds and hearts

Those moments will always be precious to those people that you leave behind

We are in deep sorrow

We are mourning

We are grieving

Our hearts are shattered

Never did we expect that your life will end right at that fatal day

Before your untimely death, we had good share of laughs and talks

After that, who would have thought that would be the last day we will see you?

Those teases we throw on you

Those jokes we kid on you

Those memories — happy or sad, brought us to a loud cry when reminiscing

We surely never forget you on how you have been a wonderful friend to me, to us.

Surely, it takes time to heal this scar in our hearts

Yet, we know that HE has plan you for this

HE is the sole director of our life

Everything that happens is for a reason

May you peacefully rest with our Creator my dear  friend

This is not the end of your journey, perhaps this is just the beginning of your new life with Him.

I will miss you Yot 😦




2 thoughts on “Forever Farewell

  1. losing someone you love is really a very painful experience. and you are right that everything happens for a reason. by thinking that Yot, and Papa, is now in heaven with the Lord, somehow, though hard, our hurts will be healed.

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