Crimson, you are so near yet so far!

Dreaming to be in this place…

Wishing to laze in this beautiful comfort…

Intimate dining in here…

Experience the thrills through this…

It will be realized next week however due to FORTUITOUS events, the hotel staff called and said that the hotel is fully booked until the end of the month of December! F*@$.   It will be a long overdue if we will go there next year! Dang, if we should have known beforehand we should have scheduled it earlier.  Those customer service representatives told us that it is alright if we go there without reservations.  But now, just to be sure that we can get a space, we are booking our reservation.   Then, with a snap, *kaboom* they said all rooms are fully occupied and day use of the hotel is impossible to be arranged.   How incompetent are they and did not inform us that it will not be available on the said date that we plan to go.  Tsk

Guess, going to Crimson Hotel will remain as a dream as of now. *sigh*

Disclaimer: All photos are grabbed from Uncle Google’s search engine.


5 thoughts on “Crimson, you are so near yet so far!

  1. don’t worry nakapag pareserve naman ako para sating dalawa. relax lang. haha!

    maganda nga dyan ah sana ganyan din kaganda ang panahon para masulit naman ang bakasyon.

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