My Tarot Reading

I took this free online tarot reading for fun yet most of the readings  hit me.   Though I know that the results are random/computer generated but  it felt  like that the results of the tarot reading is really meant for me.

Card 1 (The Magician) : How you feel about yourself now »

You feel a sense of purpose and the willpower to get things done. Self-empowerment is the key word here. Any new enterprises in love or career show great potential. You feel that you have the ability to think on your feet and, faced with opposition, the appearance of The Magician is an excellent omen of success. Time to believe in your self and go for it!






Card 2 (The Moon) : What you most want at this moment »

The cards suggest that what you most want at this time is some clarity and less of these confused emotions that leave you fearful and vulnerable. You want to know the outcome, because you are so unsure about how you feel. Use your intuition to guide you away from any deception and ride this out – it will turn out alright in the end. The Moon is a good omen if you are in a clandestine affair.






Card 3 (The Devil) : Your fears »

You are afraid that it’s out of control, you simply cannot resist this passionate attraction. Despite the fact its addictive and unlikely to be right, you just can’t stop yourself. Whatever it is, a passion for someone who’s not good for you, money deals that are too good to be true or any other kind of temptation, try to resist, as it is unlikely to have a positive outcome. If you’re feeling low in self-belief and self worth and doubt your abilities, don’t, have more confidence – its not too late to change direction.





Card 4 (The Star) : What is going for you »

A wish come true, this is a time of good luck and fortune, perhaps after a period of struggle and heartache. Good health, possibly after a time of illness, and good fortune that will give you a new zest of life. If considering a new love affair, new job or career, or travel, then go for it. You may also receive a gift or gifts!







Card 5 (The Lovers) : What is going against you »

Are you suffering in silence in an unhappy relationship or feeling very lonely? Do you have the courage to make the decision you really know you should make? You have a great sense of duty but are you happy? A difficult decision has to be made – have courage and you will achieve emotional happiness.







Card 6 (Justice) : Outcome »

Justice will be done. Decisions will go in your favour, particularly regarding partnerships or legal matters. A time for some good luck and reward for your good deeds in the past.


Of Broken Fairy Tales and Once Upon A Time

When I was 8,  I am so fascinated with fairy tales and Prince Charming.  I wanted to be a Cinderella and meet her Prince Charming.   Wear those beautiful gowns sans the wicked step sisters and the mother.  Then as time passed by, my fascination grew into something that I wanted to make it real.   During teens, I longed to have a good looking and rich guy to be my husband.    However, when maturity hit me, I realized that physical appearance and being rich do not matter anymore as long as the heart is pure and good.

With the sudden twists of events, I did not expect that the childhood dream that I wanted came true! I met a guy who’s fine, good looking and well off.    He is an instant description of the Prince Charming that I have in my mind.  We did not have the instant attraction on the first day although I admit that I really find him handsome but another man had my attention.   The two of us started of as friends, good friends to be exact.  We shared unforgettable memories, jokes, naughtiness, good and bad stories.  We were there for each other through ups and downs.   Then one day, that friendship was taken to a whole new level.  I am afraid to cross that border because  I cannot afford to lose our friendship.   That was so important to me because he was been my close buddy for the longest time.

Yet, the feeling was so strong and we cannot keep our emotions anymore so we ended our friendship and became the boyfriend and girlfriend.   Buzz immediately sparked among our friends.  Questions were thrown everywhere as if we are the hottest celebrity couple in tinsel town.   My girl friends congratulated me for hooking up with a gorgeous guy.   I was astonished at that moment.   Everything was so sudden like a hurricane making its strongest landfall.   I would be hypocrite if I would not say that I am lucky.  Yes, I was, because the idea of having a fairy tale story with a happy ending will be turning into a reality.   Jeez, a plain Jane with her fine-looking Prince Charming holding hands while walking under the pale moonlight.   Those childhood dreams begun to ignite again.

Every relationship has its ups and downs and we are no exemption to the rule.  We were shaken by all sorts of storms — trust issues,  misunderstanding, clashing of personalities and so on.   Nevertheless, we managed to survive against all odds.   Being crazy in love I imagined that  he was the greatest part of me.  I became the person that I did not know that I am capable of.  It made me to be more patient, sweeter and extra understanding.  Some says that I am the martyr-submissive type but I told them I do not want to nag or complicate the situations because I really wanted to make our relationship work.   I saw the future with him having cute and adorable kids.  We shared the same vision to be Mr. and Mrs. in the near future when we are financially stable.   The relationship was too good to be true.  Most of the people expected that we will really end up together.   The chemistry, the support and the overflowing of love were really there, there was no question about it.

All those dreams and hope suddenly shattered into gazillion pieces, when one day Prince Charming told the simple Jane that it is impossible to realize the happy ending story.   I was devastated and frustrated when I heard the ill-news from him.  He said that his parents were against with the relationship with  me since I am not well off and what would be his future if he will settle down with me.  I began to question the guy that can’t he fight our love?  I am willing to support him for us to have a better future.  Yet, he did not answer, all he was saying is he is in doubt.  He doesn’t know what to do anymore because he loves me but he is afraid to go against his family.  What a jerk!

It was a long talk.   After that, I decided to end the more than a year of being girlfriend and boyfriend.   Hurt was so overrated with what I felt.   The pain is unbearable.   Misery became my company.   Realizations strike me that the guy was not worthy of the love, attention, respect and understanding that I gave after all those years.  He is an A-hole with no backbones and a total douchebag.   He let me live in a fantasy with no touch of reality at all.  All he had were talks and how bullshi* it is!

That’s where I know that my story with my Prince Charming is not a lived happily ever after but it was just a once upon a time story.

It was not an easy crusade.   You know the feeling of how-would-be-my-sucking-day-ends tomorrow? It was a struggle to live each day without hinting others that your heart was totally shattered and so tired after crying every night.   You tend to be okay physically but deep inside your forlorn heart needs some solace.   A warm comfort that would heal the wounds.

After talking to God, surrounding yourself with beautiful and loving people, diverting your attention into something wonderful, grieving the sorrowful experience and accepting the harsh bite of reality, I managed to return from being the bubbly and happy me.   Though the pain was still there but with the guidance above, friends and family,  I know I can make it and pass with flying colors.

Sometimes, we need  to be hurt and be broken to know that we have the hidden strength that we should discover so that it can make us stronger and be a better person.   It is up to us if how we handle pain.  Either it can make or break us.   The choice is ours to make.   Hurt can be our stepping stone or stumbling block depending on our response.   If you made the right choice then it can make you better or if you wallow it for the longest time, then you will be bitter.   As what the grandfather said in the latest Coca-Cola advertisement — Find what makes you happy.  Time flies so fast.  Do not spend it on a crap.

But the biggest realization that I learn with my failed relationship is that we shouldn’t choose someone if they have to think more than twice in choosing us.  We should never allow ourselves to be an option, we should be the priority.

All of these  sadness and heartaches I see these as a lesson that taught me a new experience.  I am glad that in some ways, I am a survivor of the latest turbulent storm.  Though ruined and left  a greater damage in my life,  I know this will pass because He is up there to guide me and of course my family and friends.  🙂

Sinulog Festival Fever

Sinulog, the grandest festival celebration in the Queen City of the South- Cebu! The revelry is celebrated every third Sunday of January to honor the miraculous child, Señor Santo Niño.

Every year, it gets grander and majestic.  City streets will be filled with sea of crowds from devotees, local and foreign tourists to religious followers from different parts of the world.    One more thing,  it is always a goosebumps when people attending the mass and begun to sing the “Batobalani sa Gugma” .  Jeez,  I always have shivers down my spine.  I cannot define the feeling when followers and believers wave their hands to give praise to the holy child, Snr. Sto. Niño.

This year, I am ten times to the infinity level DEFINITELY EXCITED to witness another fabulous event to take place.  I hope the weather will be fine since last year, heavy rain poured and people were wet.  Nonetheless, it never stopped the observers to get wild, crazy and even more enthusiastic.  There will be street dancing where dancers don colorful and vibrant costumes, colossal of puppeteers, amazing floats with some famous celebrities  and personalities, various entertainment events and a whole lot more.    Unforgettable experiences will be treasured to the fullest when you witness Sinulog Festival in Cebu.  You will bump shoulders with random strangers whose energy are contagious.

Pit Señor! Viva Señor Sto. Niño!


Leaving you with last year’s Sinulog Based Grand Prize Winner:  Tribu Sinanduloy of Tangub City

Disclaimer:  All photos  are grabbed from the internet.

Stranger’s Compliment III

Location: Inside the mall

While stepping down my way to the exit door, there were these bubbly and cute kids staring at me, then all of a sudden:

Kid 1: You are so sexy! *grins*

Kid 2:  Yes, you are right *insert name of kid 1 in here*, Ate  (a respectful way to call any elder Filipino women) you are sexy indeed!

Me:  Thanks kids *insert amuse emotion here* ;))

The compliment of the two kids really made my day.   I was so blue at that moment because of heart issues then with their appreciation, it never fail to put a smile in my face.  Don’t you just love kids? haha