Hit by Linsanity Fever!

I have no freaking idea if who he is.  He suddenly rose to fame from being an underdog.  I was bug by the itch to know more about him.  So I read his profile here.  After that, amazement spells me.  He is such an incredible guy from Los Angeles, California.   The guy that I am talking about is none other than Jeremy Lin.   The man who made an overnight success and brought New York Knicks to its victory  after superstars  Carmelo Anthony got injured and Amar’e Stoudemire, whose older brother had died were absent.

This guy is something else.   He makes me realized few of the things that:

1. Patience is really a virtue.

2.  Never lose hope.  While there is life, there is hope.

3. Trust yourself always.

4.  Always be humble.  When you are successful, always put your feet on the ground.

5. Surrender everything to God.

Through all of these, success will really come in your way after a hard dedication to achieve it.  And for that,  I WANNA MARRY YOU JEREMY LIN! ahahaha I am a fan. 😀

Oh, here’s a video from Youtube.com showing the rise of my future husband, Jeremy Lin. LOL


Bloopers: Earthquake and Tsunami in Visayas

Okay since it is already in the news that a part of Visayas (Negros, Iloilo and Cebu) areas has been hit by an intensity 6.9 earthquake,  I would like to share some bloopers regarding the recent happenings.  Just want to deviate from the norm. LOL


Inside the office

Me: calling our house’s telephone number

……waited for someone to pick up the phone…..

Other line: Good afternoon,  thank you for calling Greenwich Delivery.  Can I take your order?

*I was not able to hear clearly if what the guy was  saying since I was so nervous and just wanted to hear some news in the house*

Me: Sorry, who is in the line please?

Other line: Ma’am this is Greenwich Delivery, what’s your order?

Me:  drops the phone.  LOL


At the street, near school building

Student 1: Sir, can I use your phone I will call my mother to inform her to pick me up.

Teacher: Okay, here’s my phone.

Student 2: Can I borrow your phone too Sir?

Teacher: Why what do you want also?

Student 2: Sir, I will call our house to inform my parents that we have no class and  to let them know that they should not worry since I will just be here in school playing basketball.

Me: LOL what a student!

Scene 3:

Exchanging text with a friend

Me: I was really scared with that strong earthquake that hit our place.

Friend 1: I am too! I do not want the world will end earlier, I want to get married and have kids first!

Me:* laughing with what my friend said*

Scene 4:

Told by a friend…

In the heart of the city, people are panicking that the sea water is already reaching downtown.  People were running for their lives and some were seen crying and stumbled because tsunami is already happening! How can the water reach downtown when  there is no tsunami in the first place? People were disillusioned and did not keep their calm.  If that happens for real, for sure death for them will surely happen.  LOL

Scene 5:

Inside a public transportation vehicle.

People were buzzing about the latest earthquake that hit different regions of Visayas.  They exchanged views and fears if ever there will be possible tsunami.  Suddenly, a man who is in mid-40’s butting in the conversation and directly uttered “Oh, you know what tsunami is already happening in Iloilo and will hit Cebu anytime soon.”  Jeez, I was so furious with what he said because in the first place how can he know when he is not there.

*With all the recent ruckus spreading around, there are just some people who are so ignorant about tsunami.  They keep on broadcasting unfounded news where the fact is the local government officials and those people who are knowledgeable enough about these calamities did not even give any alerts.  How can people so irresponsible and did not think twice about what they have said about tsunami scare.  It only adds panic to the public and people who were hit by the strong earthquake.   Instead of praying for everyone’s safety and armed themselves with information about tsunami, they spread lies and malicious rumors.

To people who pass around untruthful news:  SHUT YOUR F**K**G MOUTH!!