Hit by Linsanity Fever!

I have no freaking idea if who he is.  He suddenly rose to fame from being an underdog.  I was bug by the itch to know more about him.  So I read his profile here.  After that, amazement spells me.  He is such an incredible guy from Los Angeles, California.   The guy that I am talking about is none other than Jeremy Lin.   The man who made an overnight success and brought New York Knicks to its victory  after superstars  Carmelo Anthony got injured and Amar’e Stoudemire, whose older brother had died were absent.

This guy is something else.   He makes me realized few of the things that:

1. Patience is really a virtue.

2.  Never lose hope.  While there is life, there is hope.

3. Trust yourself always.

4.  Always be humble.  When you are successful, always put your feet on the ground.

5. Surrender everything to God.

Through all of these, success will really come in your way after a hard dedication to achieve it.  And for that,  I WANNA MARRY YOU JEREMY LIN! ahahaha I am a fan. 😀

Oh, here’s a video from Youtube.com showing the rise of my future husband, Jeremy Lin. LOL


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