Charming and Laidback Siquijor

Last  May 1,  I went to a place where it is rumored to be a place of  witches,  witch crafts, love potions, third elements,  and other related stuff.  Oh yeah, I am talking about the province of Siquijor.   Mr. Wiki said that ”  Siquijor is an island province of the Philippines located in the Central Visayas region.  Its capital is the municipality also named Siquijor.   To the northwest of Siquijor are Cebu and Negros, to the northeast is Bohol and to the south, across the Bohol Sea, is Mindanao.   In addition, it is called Isla del Fuego or the “Island of Fire” during the Spanish colonial period, Siquijor is commonly associated with mystic traditions that the island’s growing tourism industry capitalizes on.”

However, behind the mystery  of Siquijor lies a charming and laid back environment where one can explore the beautiful tourist spots of this island province.   Rumors, hearsay and other folk lore about Siquijor are not so true based on my experience because the people are so kind and hospitable plus it is blessed with sleepy atmosphere and  quaint spots.    Here are some of the shots I took during my visit to La Isla del Fuego.


At the town proper – Siquijor, Siquijor

The Church

The Belltower 


Cool spring

Kawayan Holiday Resort

Salagdoong Beach Resort

Truly it is also more fun in Siquijor! What makes it awesome is that I went there for FREE! 😀 Thanks boss for the sponsor.  However, to those who wanted an estimated expenses in going to this island paradise, here are the breakdowns.


On the way to Siquijor from Cebu

Cebu – Dumaguete  via George and Peter Lines – Php360.00 **not sure because I forgot the exact rate  but it is somewhat like that. LOL

Terminal fee – Php10.00 **not sure again.

Dumaguete – Siquijor – Php160.00 **this I am sure of! hahaha

Terminal fee – Php15.00

Going back to Cebu from Siquijor

Siquijor – Dumaguete – Php160.00

Terminal fee – Php14.00 *discounted 1.oo 😀

Port of Dumaguete to Sibulan Port  via tricycle – Php25.00 *beware of drivers who will ask for a high fare

Sibulan Port – Liloan Port, Santander, Cebu – Php60.00

Terminal fee – Php10.00

Liloan Port, Santander, Cebu to Cebu City – Php169.00


*St. Francis de Assisi Church

*St. Francis de Assisi Tower

*Capilay Spring Park

*no entrance fee

Triad – Php20.00 entrance fee/person

Kawayan Holiday Resort – Php50.00 entrance fee / person (Day Tour)

Salagdoong Beach Resort – Php15.00 entrance fee/person but if you will rent a room, there is no need to pay an entrance fee

Room rates in Salagdoong ranges from Php1,000.00/night to Php3,000.00 wherein the air-con is fully cool, towels and bed sheets are clean plus there are free shampoos and soaps.   You need to add I think that is around Php100.00 for an extra person per room but for us we did not add any money because we just let the extra people sneak in the room. LOL Anyway, there is no tight security who will monitor every number of person in each room. LOL

Van via Salagdoong Beach Resort – Php1,500.00 *we used the van for the town tour and port transfers

**Truly Siquijor is bewitching but in a very good way!


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