American Idol Season 11 Finale: Who’s your bet?

I am not an avid follower of American Idol but knowing a half-Filipino made it to the Top 2 and could be the first Asian American to win the prestigious American Idol title, who would not be excited right? I am so thrilled to see how the two- Phillip Phillips and Jessica Sanchez  will do their best and eventually outshine one another.  Oh well, whatever happens, go Jessica! 😀

See and hear whose got the “it” to win the next American Idol!

Jessica Sanchez:  And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going

Phillip Phillips: Beggin’


I envy someone who is so very dear to my heart going to Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles, California to watch the season finale of AI! pffttt


5 thoughts on “American Idol Season 11 Finale: Who’s your bet?

  1. While Josh will definitely give her a run for the money, she is just more versatile. I can also see her receiving votes from a wider audience which should help her across the finish line. Josh is an amazing singer and received another standing ovation by the judges tonight. Unfortunately, he may not be a “cross over” enough singer to secure the full support needed to win.

  2. since the top 13 was announced i’m actually expecting p2 to be voted out early,cause talent wise, as i rate it,he’s one on my bottom list. Now truly im shocked that he was crowned. He’s just an ordinary singer with no extra ordinary talent.I don’t even find it cute when he sings, he has this unusual face expression especially when hitting a high notes that makes him look more boring. And the quality of the voice? very very ordinary. An amateur .Won’t waste a penny for such. My top 4? Colton,skylar joshua and jessica, those 4 are superb. AI 11 would not be this controversial if any of these 4 had been crowned as a winner.

  3. With over 18,000 votes in our poll at the time of publishing Jessica Sanchez leads with a whopping 62% of the vote. Now that’s a healthy majority. Despite a weak finish to the night with “Change Nothing” that simply did not go over well with the judges or critics it looks like her fan base was solid in their support. The real question is: will those global votes translate to a domestic win? Jessica obviously enjoys extremely vocal international support here on the site, but technically they’re not supposed to be voting. If enough external voters skirt the system to add their support on top of Jessica’s domestic support then that could easily put her over the top. With Nigel Lythgoe’s announcement that a “world record” of 132 million votes were received last night (that’s 10 million more than last season) I can’t help but think there may be more than just US votes in that total.

  4. When the results were finally read, Phillip looked shocked and overwhelmed. Clearly, Phillip didn’t see himself as the winner of Idol. He tried to sing the last song of the night, but was filled with so much emotion that he walked away from his mic and went straight to his parents and family for a hug.

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