Lessons on the Road

When I traveled on the northern part of Luzon I only had with me were  faith in God that He will keep me safe and some enough amount of money to survive during my trips.    I thought I could not brave the odds  I encountered during my trip because I am stranger to the place that I had been to.  And FYI, it is my first time to travel without any plans in mind.  Talking about being spontaneous eh. LOL

However, I do not remorse my actions because I learned so many things while I am on a journey.

Lessons on the road:

1. Traveling with no fixed plans and getting lost are exciting and enjoyable.   I made no reservations with any accommodations on my destination and I know no one on that place.  The good thing was there were nice people who help me find a decent accommodation on wee hours.

2. Trusting strangers is okay however always be cautious.  The world is a tricky place to live in and so does the people around.  I went with a stranger who helped me with the accommodation without minding that he  might sold me to a mafia or what. LOL  I just followed my instinct that the person is nice as what he appears to be.

3.  Getting lost in the middle of nowhere is absolutely fun! It adds spice on the trip on not knowing where you should go in order to get to your destination.   Weathering the unknown streets and riding in a public transportation with no ideas if  it will get you to the place you want to be gave me a sense of excitement and made me realize that hey, I am strong enough to do this without worrying anything if I will be lost or not.

4.  Live with how the locals live.   As I travel, this is the most important part of the trip that I realized- blending in with how the locals live.   I think traveling is not just setting your foot on a foreign land and tell the world that you have been there, for me it is more of knowing how is the lifestyle of the people living in that place and be able to experience it.

5.  Do not get tired to explore.  Unearth the hidden beauty of the world, continue to seek for adventure and always give yourself a time to travel.  Life is too short to be idled and do nothing.  While we are still living, we should live life to the fullest.

Hope I am making sense here. LOL Anyhow, I am looking forward for more of my future travels with no scheduled itineraries and reserved accommodations. 😉 As what Ray Bradburry said: Half the fun of travel is the aesthetic of lostness.– Hence, I will let my feet take me into the world of nowhere.


4 thoughts on “Lessons on the Road

  1. seriously an awesome list… to all travellers just plan voyages n attempt them..theres nothing else…cheers.

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