Jack of All Trades But Master of None

Have you encountered people who others think are smart enough, when the truth is they just love to read that is why they know this and that?

Have you been with people who they think they are intelligent and grammar master?

Have you experienced wherein someone corrected you insinuating you do not know the meaning of the words you uttered?

Have you felt your blood pressure rising when somebody belittle your intelligence?

Have you been with people who are High Almighty?

If you do, then for sure you can relate with how I feel today! I am absolutely and completely annoyed and pissed off.   I just hate or abhor people who think highly of themselves when the truth is they got nothing to show off. Jeez! You know people who are jack of all trades but master of none.  What a pity! One more thing that I loathe – people who butt in a conversation when they do not know what the topic is! Holy smokes! Oh well, there are just so many people who overused its smart cells which make them look stupid.

To you who ruined my good mood: Stop for crying out loud as Mr. Know-It-All because you turn out to be a smart aleck!