Bloopers: Earthquake and Tsunami V2

Another earthquake hit the Visayas and some Mindanao areas with a magnitude of 7.7 according to Phivolcs.   To deviate from the norm of ranting how incapable the government in handling earthquake and tsunami crisis, here I am again listing bloopers of the recent earthquake happened in the Philippines.

1. Phivolcs Site vs. Porn Site – this really cracked me up! LOL

2.  Trending worldwide – with the rapid modernization of technology nowadays,  people are more concerned of updating their tweets or statuses in social networking websites.  FYI, I am not guilty of this! 😀

3. Camwhoring – I saw a photo in Facebook with a caption saying that they are hiding under the bed due to earthquake.  I’m sorry if I cannot post the photo because the person I am referring is such a net savvy and a blog hopper which may cause friction among us. LOL

These were just some of the bloopers I read/saw online, I will update this entry once I see/read funnier stories or thoughts about earthquake. LOL


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