Awesome Davao: City Tour II

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As we toured around the city streets of Davao, what I had observed is that there are no traffic enforcers visible in the street yet the commuters and drivers are so disciplined.  Guess, they are afraid of getting caught of traffic violations and be punished by the city mayor or the vice mayor. 😀 After eating at Lachi’s we head on to Ponce Suites, this is where eerie and creepy yet artistic masterpieces of Kublai Ponce Millan are housed. Each level of the room features his works exuding with different expressions.  If you are not appreciative of these kind of arts, then you will find it creepy just like me. LOL  Kidding aside, the suites offers a nice place to stay.

One of the statues found outside the suite

With limited time, we did not stay long at Ponce Suites.  Off to our next destination is the once-famous-and-beautiful Times Beach.  The beach is the homeland of  the giant statue of David and other interesting figures.  However, we were disappointed when we visited the place because it has not been taken care of.  No more water in the pool where you can find sharks and gone were the mermaid statues.  Information about the statue of David which was carved in the stones were ruined.  Good thing, the place is breezy and we had a glimpse of a pretty sunset.  This place is not worthy to visit as it was before.

Before I forgot before going to Times Beach we went to Gaisano Mall, I cannot remember if what branch is that but I remember it has a lovely place called The Peak.

On our last stop for City Tour, we visited the popular People’s Park.  What I like about the park is its cleanliness and spacious area.  A perfect place to stroll around,  picnic with friends or waste some quality time with family members or special someone.  Nuff said here are the photos.

It was a tiresome yet fulfilling and enjoyable city tour.  I wish we still had more time to go around the other attractions in Davao.  Anyway, there is always a next time.  During the tour, I realized that Davao is just like my hometown but quieter, cleaner and is still in the apex of  improvement.   With few more years, I can see Davao’s tourism and economy flourishing.  Perfect to establish a business as what the boyfriend is planning. hahaha  Although night life is limited until 2:00 in the morning and no liquors after 12:00 midnight plus well-known bars are closed on Sundays, I think I can still consider living in Davao because after all life is here.

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Awesome Davao: City Tour

When I scored a promo ticket from Cebu Pacific on my next trip to the Land of  Promise, I was so giddy and excited.  It would be my very first trip to Mindanao area and with that thought it gave me an adrenalin rush.   I was so lucky that the weather during my trip was so fine and sunny.  Came the awaited trip last November 17, 2012, my wandering feet reached Davao.  When the plane landed at Davao International Airport, I was surprised to see that the airport is so quiet and not busy at all.  It was like a ghost town. LOL Seriously, the only plane that I saw in the airport were the ones I had a flight with.   The surrounding areas in the airport are so clean and breezy.  It felt like I was just like in the place of my hometown.  Crisp and clean air plus cozy atmosphere.

I and my friends were fetched by a private car courtesy of the sweetest man that I know- the boyfriend.  I appreciated his effort in hiring a private car for us to use in roaming around Davao even though he was not in the place.   Before proceeding for a city tour,  we hunted for an accommodation, as we did not make any reservation in any hotels or pension houses in Davao.   After several minutes of riding, we settled staying at Green Windows Dormitel located along Mt. Apo, Street, Davao City.   The dormitel’s location is very convenient to any business or commercial establishments.  The three standard room that we booked is very spacious and it houses a clean bath with hot and cold shower and toilet.  In addition, beds have clean sheets.  Rates are not that pricy it is just right within your budget.  I highly recommend this place as it is a very value to your money.

**Rates if paid via credit card is Php1,700.00/ night
**Paid through cash, rate is Php1,500/night

Three standard room

After we found an accommodation, we started the tour by going first to San Pedro Church to light some candles and offer a prayer.  Next, walked across the church and get a glimpse of Davao City Hall, Osmeña Park and Rizal Park.


After that, we went directly to Philippine Eagle Center (PEC) situated in Calinan Street.  There is nothing extraordinary in the place but the thought of seeing the Philippine Eagle and other birds in different species is just awesome.  Other animals that you can find in PEC are some monkeys, sort-of-huge kois and two pythons, which were so scary because of their humongous size. hahaha When you want to have a photo opportunity taken with those snakes, you will pay Php10.00 per shot.

We were supposed to drop by at Malagos Garden and Resort but the driver forgot about it. tsk  Anyway, it was past lunch time when we decided to eat at the famous Lachi’s.  For me, Lachi’s is an overrated restaurant because their specialty which is the  “unforgettable pork spare ribs”  is unforgettable in a bad way.  There is no distinct taste that makes you wanna crave that dish every time you remember Lachi’s.   The taste of their specialty dish is just like an ordinary braised pork that I usually prepare  at home.  However, my braised pork is much tastier compared to the unforgettable pork spare ribs at Lachi’s.  Not to brag,  I cook well. 😀  Moving on, to ease up the disappointment, I ordered their 5-chocolate torte and dulce de leche cheesecake.  Surprisingly, those sweets are so good that the after taste will surely melt in your mouth.

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After 4 Days…

I am expecting to see some of these beautiful sights….


And taste among these appetizing dishes…

Do you know where I am heading to?  I am going to a place where I can find serenity, enjoyment and happiness.  Oh, I cannot wait for November 17.

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