Awesome Davao: Isla Reta, Talicud Island

I almost forgot there is a pending entry to write regarding my trip to Davao. LOL  There are so many things that made me occupied these past few weeks.  It had been a stressful and sort-of-depressing  experiences.  Oh well, talking about problems either with family or personal life.  Anyway, too much of dramas,  after leaving you stories about my city tour in Davao (part 1, part 2) the Davao trip was continued by bumming in the beautiful island of Isla Reta, which is located in Talicud Island, Samal.  We were hesitant at first if we will go to Isla Reta since we were told that there were no ferries going to Isla Reta and the resort was closed for public operations.  Good thing, I confirmed the lies by calling a friend who lives in Davao and I was told that there is no truth to that lies.  It is only a rumor.

We leave the accommodation past 7:00 in the morning so that we can catch the ferry schedule in going to Isla Reta.  The only ferry boat that I know offering an early schedule is the Isla Reta boat.  It will leave the port at 9:oo in the morning and will be back to Santa Ana Wharf, Davao City at 3:00 in the afternoon.  I think this is the only boat that provides convenient and fastest access in going to Isla Reta.   Ferry fare is Php80.00/head.  Isla Reta boat operates Mondays-Sundays except for bad weather conditions.   In addition, in going to Isla Reta from Sta. Ana Wharf, it usually takes 1 hour or more depending on the current of waves.   Before I forgot, another option to take in going to Isla Reta is via ferry taxi wherein the fare cost Php500.00 per head, that is according to the locals.  The ferry taxi is like a jestki with sort of plastic covers to serve as roofs. LOL  I do not know the exact term for that.

Moving on, when we were about to reach the island, I was amazed with the beauty of the island.  I did not expect that white sands, crystal clear seawater and peaceful ambiance will welcome us.

Isla Reta

Beach front of Isla Reta

Isla Reta, Talicud Island

The surroundings of Isla Reta

Talicud Island, Samal

Another shot

the sea

The picture does not do justice of the crystal clear waters of  Isla Reta.  In flesh, the water is a beauty.

under the tree

Breezy and shady relaxation/picnic place

sea water

The sea water in Isla Reta.  ***Pardon for the bad cropping of the photo.

What makes Isla Reta a standout is its sleepy environment and only few people visit the place may be because it is not a peak season.   I have been to many beaches and Isla Reta is just like any white sand beach that I had been to.  However, the quiet atmosphere and warm people welcoming us in Isla Reta brought joy and smiles in our hearts.  Beach bumming in Isla Reta is one of the experiences that I cherished the most because a.) it is like we own the resort ===b.) a Php75.00/head entrance fee is affordable and c.) the picnic huts/tables/chairs are free!

However, food and beverages’ rates are so steep so better bring your own food and drinks as there are no corkage fees based on our experience.  If asked if I will be visiting Isla Reta again, the answer is a big YES!  With snug ambiance and cheap expenses, then there is no reason why should I say no.

***Photos are my property.

Waitttttttttttt………….there is more!

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