After Hiatus

It has been 3 months since the last time I visited my WordPress blog.  I have so many pending topics to write that are still in the draft section.  I do not have the passion to finish of what I have started.  Anyway, here is a quick summary of what had happened to me (feeling celebrity LOL).


– My mother decided to go to Manila to work as a house help.  She did that out of her sense.  It is a very long story to tell but I hope she will learn a lesson that she will value the importance of being with the family than having a money.

-In a strong relationship with someone who has been always there for me no matter how hard or smooth the situation in life is.

-Had family issues with extended relatives who like to meddle with my life. F*ck them all!


– Nothing much happened aside from mother is away from home.

– Oh, my sister is moving in with his so called husband, who does not have any manners.  I hope that she will learn so many things about love and life.

After 3 months of being away from the blogsphere, life has been full of drama and I am sick and tired of dealing those shits.  Why can’t these problems leave me alone? I wish to disappear in a place where I can find comfort and solace.  Perhaps, a magnificent view of the stunning beaches of Maldives or Bahamas will do. *dreaming*



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