This Disease

I have a disease.   A disease that I think everyone also has.  It is a disease that almost everybody practices once in a while.   This is an impairment wherein you do not like to do a certain task or prefers not to do it.  It makes you function abnormally just by sitting on the couch and watch your favorite  Shingeki No Kyojin anime series  or the latest happenings in the life of our favorite characters in the Game of Thrones or Suits.   Sometimes, this disease would make you feel like a total idle because you just like to sleep all day and munch all those unhealthy foods or eat like a pig especially if the viands are so delectable.

In addition, the worst symptom of this disease is that  it will let you look like a sumo-wrestler LOL or the people in the animation flick Wall-E.  Yes, I bet that you know what I am talking about.  I am rambling about the laziness syndrome.  I have been suffering from this syndrome for quite  some time now.  It made me gain not just few but several kilos! LOL  I do not know why, it just hit me with the speed of lightning.  Then, it made me a lazy so called “blogger” to update this blog and I have so many pending drafts and entries that have been piled up.

I forgot to write a tribute to my mom during Mother’s Day, which is my way of applauding her for being the best mom in the world.  I am not that vocal, you know, I just want to express my appreciation by writing even though she is not into computers or the like.

I have so many things to share and I know the passion to write is there but this disease overpowers me or it is just my excuse? LOL  Laziness syndrome transformed me into a different working girl.  I was so punctual in reporting to the office but for the past months, if there is one person in the office who is not yet in her desk after the clock strikes at 8:30 in the morning, then it has to be ME. Haha  I know this is something that I should not be proud of, but what can I do? Laziness pulls me over to take  a quick nap after the clock alarms until I wake up severely late.

I am struggling everyday to cope up with the lazy days that I always feel especially reporting in the office.  Do not get me wrong, I love my job so much.  I like what I am doing every day but I also get bored sometimes. LOL  And I wonder if there are events and special occasions that require me to be on time, I am so early than the scheduled time. Haha I do not know what is happening to me.  I think I need a cure! Any recommendations? LOL


I just had my vacation and out of town trips.