Third Party

Third Party [n] – it is where  someone other than you maybe directly or indirectly involved in a relationship you have with your partner.

This type of party is the worst kind.  It can make a person go insane and murderous (LOL) whenever someone or somebody tries to steal his or her mate.  Nobody is happy when one encounters this kind especially when you are in a relationship whether you are still in the stage of girlfriend-boyfriend, engagement or marriage level.  No one wants to experience or encounter any third parties in a relationship.   The after effect of third party as you found out the truth will give you a dreadful pain in the heart,  deranged mind, lack of sleep, lose of appetite and worst, lifetime misery.   More often than not, it takes years before you can move on after having a bad encounter with third party.

There are thousands of reasons why third party existed.  However, the common denominator is that, your partner tasted another kind of human specie aside from you. (LOL) I believe that having a third party is not coincidental, it is a choice.   A choice that can shatter someone’s life and dreams.  With this choice, it gives you a harder time to escape as you realized that “hey this person is better than him/her”.    And when you are caught,  consequences follow.  Some say that whenever they are in this kind of situation, it is hard to tell the truth to their mate because they might be hurt. But more or less, telling or not telling the truth will just give the same effect- a broken heart and a miserable life.

I am sure you all know that third party is not a good party to entertain in every aspect of relationship  even if you have a petty quarrel, misunderstanding or trust issues, just to comfort you in your problems.  Most people I know, resorted to this whenever relationship crisis hit them.  Not a perfect gentleman or  prim lady attitude!

There are so many things that are going on my mind regarding this topic. Gazillion ideas flowing in my brain that I should write about third party.  However, I just cannot organized these thoughts right now.  LOL

As I end this third party entry, let me ask you the biggest catch  question that will leave you with more questions and heaps of curiosities -what if you found out that the third party of your relationship is  a.)  a closet gay – (closet gay partner & another closet gay) or b.) hidden tomboy (girl partner has a tomboy mate)?  In short your partner is liking or loving the same sex!

I just hope I am making sense. HAHA


2 thoughts on “Third Party

  1. Worst kind is having a cheating partner.

    If I found out he’s cheating its the end for us na. Hiwalayan na. He cheated because hes not happy with me. So better mag hiwalay nalang

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