I wanna be free!

Free from responsibilities..

Free from pains…

Free from obligations…

Free from heartaches…

Free from working almost 24/7 to live…


I just wanted to be free once in a while.  As free as a bird.  I am so drained from all the obligations that I am in.  I completely need a breather or else I am going to give up, although not on life because I wanted to see my future kids. LOL

Freedom, where are thou?


One thought on “I wanna be free!

  1. To the person who insisted that they “grow up”- maybe it’s time to follow your advice. you need to look at things from a psychological standpoint. If you lived in a home where you were degraded or had some issues with yourself you’ve never resolved they’d continue to wear you down you’d feel hopeless and crushed. Some people haven’t gotten the proper help they need. Sometimes talking things out – even to strangers – makes all the difference.

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