I just do not know why but most of the times my instinct is accurate, I always find out the truth when this special someone will tell me about something that he is involve with.  For example, he said that he is going somewhere with his family and then I accidentally found out that he is out there with someone not his family member.  Is this the way that God wants me to uncover the lies he is trying to conceal?  As a person, I always give the benefit of the doubt, I do not easily jump into conclusions in order to not take sides. However, having this kind of personality is also difficult because it makes me gullible in some ways.

My friends advised me to confront him over this but I just kept mum and let it passed by as if nothing happens.  I do not know what is wrong with me on why am I acting like this. Tsk. Am I being too numb or just plainly stupid?

I tried not to think too much about it but the truth always finds its way to me.  Is this the wake up call that I have been praying? Is this the sign that I have been looking for? For the past months, I have been praying to God to always guide me to see the truth and light with the current relationship that I am in. Even though the situation we are in right now is very smooth sailing and happy, I still have doubts with my relationship with my partner especially there was a history of betrayals and lies.  Yet, I still manage to hope that everything’s going to be alright and this is just a test of faith and trust.  But no, I think I am wrong.  I guess, it is time to wake up from this nightmare? Ughhh, I need a psychiatric help or else I will go crazy. 




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