Twenty 15

Gahhhddd! Time flies so fast and here we are at this brand new spanking year of the shit sheep.  So how’s life been treating me lately? Hmm, it has been a tug of war between lows and highs.  However, I am still thankful that I am still alive, so damn beautiful and sexy! LOL Kidding aside, I am grateful for all the things that happened to me whether it gave me a heartache, trials or happiness.

I could not believe right now that I am blogging since it was a very long hiatus that I logged in to this humble home that I’ve been keeping for 4 years or so without any frequent updates. :)) Then I realized that I missed writing with my faulty grammar. LOL

Hopefully I could often write and share some inspirational stuff to anyone who will happen to visit my abode.  Okay before I end this post, quick updatessss about me (as if someone will be interested) Haha

  1. Found a new job which I totally love. ❤ Got promoted too. :))

  2. Met new friends! Yay

  3. Traveled in some Asian countries. I am living my dream of exploring the world. crossing fingers

  4. Organized an outreach activity with my friends by giving donations and making the orphans happy. This is the very first time that we spent our own money and we couldn’t believe that it turned out to be a success! More charities to come…wohoo!

  5.  Found out that this guy friend of mine has a huge crush on me. I am not sure how to handle it though since he isn’t making any big moves yet.   So right now, I am in a chillax mode.

Hmmm that’s it for now…Here’s me wishing everyone a Blessed New Year!


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